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Learn AI Together — Towards AI Community Newsletter #7
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Learn AI Together — Towards AI Community Newsletter #7

Author(s): Towards AI Editorial Team

Originally published on Towards AI.

Welcome back to the community newsletter after a two-week break for the holidays! We are back with some cool news, interesting and helpful articles, and opportunities! Let’s get right into it.

This week, we are excited to announce our AI Tutor chatbot with full access to 100+ lessons about RAG and LLMs from all three courses we’ve built and thousands of additional pages of helpful supporting tutorials and documentation. The AI Tutor can help with your questions as you learn about topics such as building LLM apps (including training and fine-tuning LLMs), working with Langchain, LlamaIndex, agents, and the Deep Lake vector database, and lots of insights on advanced RAG techniques! Read more in our blog post: Introducing our AI Tutor Bot — a RAG App Created with Towards AI & Activeloop, or try our AI tutor now!

– Louis-François Bouchard, Towards AI Co-founder & Head of Community

What’s AI Weekly

In What’s AI, Louis-François Bouchard dives into RAG and why it’s becoming as crucial as the large language models (LLMs). The video also explores how RAG works to combat issues like hallucinations and biases in language models, using real-life examples and insights from experts in the field, including Jerry Liu, CEO at LlamaIndex! Whether you’re a fellow AI enthusiast, a professional in the field, or just curious about the latest in AI, this video helps you understand one of the most important advancements in AI!

Learn AI Together Community section!

Featured Community post from the Discord

JamesSanders and Okyaz Eminaga shared their breast cancer survival prediction project. The project explains how to train several machine learning models to predict the probability of survival, compare them against a baseline, and identify which provides the best prediction accuracy. It also discovers which clinical and genetic features are most impactful in predicting overall survival. Check out the project and support a fellow community member! Share your questions and feedback in the thread!

AI poll of the week!

Most people use ChatGPT for everyday work, but many use it less frequently. We are curious to know what you use ChatGPT or other AI for. Share it in the thread on Discord.

Collaboration Opportunities

The Learn AI Together Discord community is flooding with collaboration opportunities. If you are excited to dive into applied AI, want a study partner, or even want to find a partner for your passion project, join the collaboration channel! Keep an eye on this section, too — we share cool opportunities every week!

1. Jaxsonwy is working on a project called AI Nexus to make AI accessible to all. They are looking for collaborators with their own AI bots on Discord, AI teachers/experts, and staff. If you are passionate about accessibility in AI, connect with them in the thread!

2. Winnerikpe is on a mission to dive deeper into AI and ML and is currently looking for a teammate who is passionate about AI/ML. If you want to discuss projects, share resources, and tackle problems together, reach out in the thread!

3. Felix wants to take Deep Learning lessons multiple times a week. They are looking for a deep learning teacher, AI advisor, and consultant, preferably someone who has been staying up to date with the latest papers. If you are interested, contact them in the thread!

Meme of the week!

Meme shared by rucha8062

TAI Curated section

Article of the week

Getting Started with Gemini API: A Comprehensive Practical Guide by Youssef Hosni

Gemini, the latest LLM model from Google, marks a significant leap forward in perfect answers to your questions using images, audio, and text. This hands-on tutorial will show how to use the Gemini API and set it up on your computer by exploring various Python API functions, like creating text and understanding images, to help you make the most out of Gemini’s capabilities in a simple way.

Our must-read articles

  1. Transforming Images into Text with Python by Roman Orac

Imagine a world where images are visuals and stories waiting to be told. With advances in AI, we are now stepping into a reality where your pictures can be transformed into descriptive text, opening up many innovative possibilities. This model interprets images as narratives for a minimalistic web app. The article explains the process with an accompanying video for an engaging learning experience.

2. Demystifying Information Extraction using LLM by Aditya Mohan

Information extraction is the process of automating the retrieval of specific information related to a particular topic from a collection of texts or documents. This article talks about what a fundamental information extraction pipeline might look like and how one can easily build web applications around LLMs using modern Python frameworks like LangChain and Streamlit.

3. Build Your First AI Project With a RaspberryPi: An Introduction to Computer Vision and ML Models With RaspberryPi for Python Coders by Deepali Gaur

Combining the IOT capabilities of Pi with computer vision and a trained ML model from Mediapipe, this article explains the project that can allow you to control motors, automate stuff around your house with hand gestures, and draw curtains with the bend of your pointer from another room or sync up lights in every room to a unique gesture.

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