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Towards AI Can Help your Team Adopt AI: Corporate Training, Consulting, and Talent Solutions.

Towards AI Can Help your Team Adopt AI: Corporate Training, Consulting, and Talent Solutions.


Towards AI helps you bring the latest AI capabilities into your organisation.

AI hype is everywhere – but which capabilities are real and already here and which are still promises? How do you begin to understand which AI models and tools can be most impactful to your workflows, products, role, team and industry? How do you make sure employees are using these new AI tools or models appropriately, safely and effectively? How do you accelerate bringing the most relevant AI models and expertise into your business?

There is a huge disparity between manager’s growing appreciation of the need to adapt their workflows and products to AI relative to the actions being taken to manage the risks and to make the most of the opportunity. Answering all of the questions above requires a constantly evolving understanding of AI’s current capabilities and limitations and hands on experience working with these models and tools. It also requires a parallel understanding of business and product to be able to match this AI knowledge with your potential business use cases. Towards AI’s team is here to help.

Towards AI’s Products for Businesses:

  • Customised corporate AI courses to up-skill both technical and non technical professionals.
    • AI Essentials for Professionals: Understanding and Utilizing Generative AI in Your Sector. How to understand AI’s impact on your business and learn how your team can make the most of the best new AI tools for your industry.
    • From AI Beginner to an Advanced LLM MVP; The Tech stack of the future; LLMs+Prompting+RAG+Agents+Fine-Tuning. Gen AI conversion courses for python developers; Quickly empower your developers to begin building on the latest AI models.
    • Python Primer for Generative AI; From Coding Novice to Building with LLMs.
    • Our content can be tailored to your company and industry and can be a combination of written and video lessons, practical code examples, async Q&A with our instructors, live video conference and in-person teaching.
  • Generative AI / Large Language Model project consulting.
    • Help your team get started or accelerate building internal AI products or tools.
    • Over 20 people on our team with 15 AI experts.
    • Our expertise includes; AI Product opportunity and suitability analysis. Large Language Models. Query understanding and prompt engineering. Data collection and preparation. Retrieval-augmented generation. Fine-tuning. Agent workflows. Technical Writing.
  • Support finding and recruiting AI talent.
    • Analysis of the skillset required for your AI needs and support with job descriptions.
    • Premium job post on our AI Jobs Board and Newsletter Inclusion.
    • Hands on AI recruitment; We can work with you together with AI expert recruiters from our network.
  • Towards AI’s new book; Building LLMs for Production: Enhancing LLM Abilities and Reliability with Prompting, Fine-Tuning and RAG
    • Comprehensive 470 page book with great reviews from industry leaders.

We serve customers in both English and French.

If any of this could help your organization, please share these offers with your relevant colleagues or contact us at [email protected] to discuss any of these options!

Why Towards AI

Since 2019 Towards AI has educated hundreds of thousands of AI developers and many have since grown into senior roles in the industry. Our mission is to make AI more accessible – both to individuals and to corporate teams.

We have a huge audience of AI developers with 400,000 followers, 120,000 subscribers to our weekly AI newsletter and 60,000 members in our ”Learn AI Together” Discord Community. In 2023 we wrote the hugely successful GenAI360: Foundational Model Certification three course series (~30,000 students) on behalf of Intel and Activeloop. We have many more B2C and B2B AI courses in the pipeline for both technical and non technical audiences.

Over 2,000 AI practitioners have written for our publication where we publish ~40 AI articles and tutorials each week. This contributes to an incredible talent pipeline for Towards AI; We hire the best talent from our writer and community networks and the best B2C course students to help write and instruct our AI books and courses and to code our practical projects. The best of these then work on our LLM consulting projects. We can also help with AI recruitment from within our network, our top students and via our AI jobs board.

Our team can combine AI and software experience with business, product and strategy understanding including our Co-founder and CEO’s past experience as Vice President in Investment Research at J.P. Morgan and subsequent work growing and advising startups. Our co-founder and CTO has prior experience as Head of AI and recently left his AI phd at MILA to focus on Towards AI. We currently have 15 AI experts on the team – operating globally but with a cluster in Montreal given our co-founder’s MILA connection.

Our Linkedin Newsletter Page and our GenAI:360 Course homepage.

Customised AI Training for Your Business

We have expertise throughout machine learning and data science – but given demand our focus is on Generative AI and Large Language Models.

We offer both technical and non technical courses; from how to build upon the latest AI models to how to understand AI’s impact on your business and learn how to make the most of the best tools for your industry.

Our content can be tailored to your company and industry and can be a combination of written and video lessons, practical code examples, async Q&A with our instructors, live video conference and in-person teaching.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested.

Course 1: From AI Beginner to an Advanced LLM MVP; The Tech stack of the future; LLMs+Prompting+RAG+Agents+Fine-Tuning

Audience: Technical (python experience required)

This course converts python developers from AI novice through to advanced and useful practical LLM skills. We teach the skills and tools that improve the accuracy and capability of LLMs and show how to adapt them to your industry use case and custom data.

We think a large proportion of human tasks can be assisted in the near term with this tech stack, which provides a huge opportunity to build new internal tools or external products. In our course, you will not dwell on the theoretical details or build simple one-off projects with little practical utility – you will learn via practical tips and hands-on building of an advanced AI project.

Where we stand out: AI courses generally focus on theoretical background or basic project examples. They don’t teach you the real inside story of how you code, experiment and iterate upon an advanced AI app. We teach the full stack for AI and skip directly to building practical and real world products, from data collection and filtering, backend development, through to deployment and sharing of a MVP.

Course 2: AI Essentials for Professionals: Understanding and Utilizing Generative AI in Your Sector

Audience: Non-Technical

This comprehensive course is designed for professionals who seek to understand the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) without spending time on the technical complexities. Your team will gain a clear understanding of what Machine Learning is and how Large Language Models (LLMs) function. We will explore the current AI landscape, highlighting its strengths, limitations, and future trajectory.

Discover how AI is poised to revolutionize your industry by examining real-world case studies and practical applications. Learn about the latest AI tools and technologies that can enhance your team’s efficiency and drive innovation in your sector. By the end of this course, your team will have the knowledge and skills to leverage AI tools effectively, enabling you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We will also explain technical LLM customisation options and where it could make sense to build a custom AI app, tool or product for your company.

Course 3: Python Primer for Generative AI; From Coding Novice to Building with LLMs

Audience: Non-Technical

This course is tailored for individuals with little to no programming experience who you wish to upskill into the world of Generative AI and Large Language Model development using Python. Machine learning requires far less code than traditional software as most capabilities are self taught with training data; we cut to the chase of what is needed to build with LLMs. Leveraging cutting-edge AI tools and coding assistants, we simplify the coding process, enabling you to build powerful LLM applications with minimal theoretical software background.

Your team will learn the essential Python programming skills required for LLMs and discover how to implement LLMs effectively. By focusing on practical, hands-on coding exercises, we ensure students grasp the core concepts quickly and can start building their own Generative AI solutions. This course cuts through the complexities of traditional software development, empowering individuals to create impactful AI applications with ease.

Generative AI consulting for Businesses

With over 20 people on our team and 15 AI practitioners, our expertise includes;

  • Product suitability analysis (which parts of your business or product are best enhanced with the current AI models and tools)
  • Large Language Models (how to choose, use, deploy and adapt both open source models and closed source APIs)
  • Query understanding and prompt engineering
  • Data collection, cleaning and preparation
  • Embedding and retrieval-augmented generation
  • Fine-tuning
  • Agent workflows
  • Technical Writing

We have two product offers:

Hands off Strategic Consulting: Our team will review your current products, workflows or existing generative AI pipelines and help you decide which can be enhanced with the latest AI capabilities. We will help you choose the best AI models and tools and provide advice, tips and feedback to help you get started.

We can deliver:

  • Written reports: A final written report with our key advice and guidance.
  • On-Demand Guidance: Across email, slack and adhoc meetings.
  • Network access: Connect you with relevant partners or specialists in our network.
  • AI talent and hiring: Understand and analyse the skill sets needed to build your products, aid in job listing preparation and help find the right talent.

Hands on Comprehensive Consulting: We can work directly hands on with your team to begin building your custom AI tool or AI product.

We can deliver expertise, talent, existing code, practical advice and tips.

Depending on availability we may partner with other great AI consulting teams in our network to deliver your project.


Please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested.

Towards AI jobs listings and recruitment

The recent surge of commercialisation and investments in AI has propelled its growth across various sub-specialisations, skills, tools, and industries. Despite the increasing number of companies investing in AI talent and expanding their operations, matching the best talent to the right role remains challenging.

Traditional job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn are not optimized to display relevant results for AI-specific job searches. To address this gap between talent and opportunities in AI, and to facilitate easier matching of skills, we have built the Towards AI job board. Our specialized job board focuses exclusively on AI jobs and has been tailored to process AI-specific skills, acronyms, and synonyms. Our algorithm scans through hundreds of thousands of jobs listed online from over 50,000 companies, presenting only those that meet our defined AI job criteria. We currently show 10,000 live AI jobs.

Jobs Board Premium Listing and Newsletter Post (from $500): Visit here to list a premium job post on our jobs board (pinned to relevant searches for 30 days), customise your company profile and include the job in our newsletter for AI practitioners (120,000 subscribers).

Hands on Recruitment: f you need more hands on help finding talent, narrowing down candidates or hiring for an AI role – we can work with you together with AI expert recruiters from our network – please reach out to [email protected].

Towards AI’s new AI jobs board homepage

Towards AI’s new book: Building LLMs for Production: Enhancing LLM Abilities and Reliability with Prompting, Fine-Tuning and RAG

Focused on practical solutions for real-world challenges, our book covers everything from the basics of LLM concepts to advanced techniques. It’s perfect for building reliable, scalable AI applications. With amazing reviews from industry leaders, this 470 page resource dives deep into enhancing LLM abilities with Prompting, Fine-Tuning, and RAG and includes hands-on projects, Colab notebooks, and exclusive community access. Our expert team at Towards AI, along with curated contributions from leaders at Activeloop, Llamaindex, Mila, and more, have tailored this guide for those with intermediate Python knowledge. However, concept explanations are accessible to anyone.  

Towards AI’s new book!


Recent Review from Industry Leaders

“This is the most comprehensive textbook to date on building LLM applications, and helps learners understand everything from fundamentals to the simple-to-advanced building blocks of constructing LLM applications. The application topics include prompting, RAG, agents, fine-tuning, and deployment – all essential topics in an AI Engineer’s toolkit.”

  • Jerry Liu, Co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex

“An indispensable guide for anyone venturing into the world of large language models. This book masterfully demystifies complex concepts, making them accessible and actionable. Covering everything from theory to practical deployment, it’s a must-have in the library of every aspiring and seasoned AI professional.”

  • Shashank Kalanithi, Data Engineer at Meta

“This book covers everything you need to know to start applying LLMs in a pragmatic way – it balances the right amount of theory and applied knowledge, providing intuitions, use-cases and code snippets. It covers the foundational aspects of LLMs as well as advanced use-cases like finetuning LLMs, Retrieval Augmented Generation and Agents. This will be valuable to anyone looking to dive into the field quickly and efficiently.”

  • Jeremy Pinto, Senior Applied Research Scientist at Mila

“A truly wonderful resource that develops understanding of LLMs from the ground up, from theory to code and modern frameworks. Grounds your knowledge in research trends and frameworks that develop your intuition around what’s coming. Highly recommend.”

  • Pete Huang, Co-founder of The Neuron

“If you desire to embark on a journey to use Large Language Models in production systems but are worried you might not have the adequate background, worry not! This book will guide you through the evolution of these models from simple Transformers to more advanced RAG-assisted LLMs capable of producing verifiable responses. The book is accessible, with multiple tutorials that you can readily copy, paste and run on your local machine to showcase the magic of modern AI.”

  • Rafid Al-Humaimidi, Senior Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“As someone obsessed with proper terminology in Prompt Engineering and Generative AI, I am impressed by the robustness of this book. Towards AI has done a great job assembling all of the technical resources needed by a modern GenAI applied practitioner.”

  • Sander Schulhoff, Founder and CEO of Learn Prompting