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Best AI Communities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enthusiasts
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Best AI Communities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enthusiasts for 2022

Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Towards AI Team

Source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Best AI Communities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enthusiasts

These are the best AI communities that every AI enthusiast should know about

Once you start exploring the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will realize that there is a lot to learn. There is a variety of online groups and communities where experts share their insights on AI algorithms, problems in AI, ML, computer vision, and so on. These discussions lead to developing new ideas and solutions, which will eventually help the AI community grow more robust. This article will look at some actionable tips that help identify good online groups and communities.

If you are an enthusiast of artificial intelligence, then it is very likely that you might be part of an AI online community where you can share and learn from other enthusiasts like you. Or maybe you are willing to join such communities and keep yourself updated with the latest news, state-of-the-art research, and events in the AI segment but do not know where to look for. Whatever be the case, looking at some of the best communities where AI enthusiasts would like to stay connected will be helpful.

For an aspiring artificial intelligence expert, AI is an everyday thing. Many communities help develop and improve one’s skills in different areas like programming and dealing with business problems. In comparison, others are more like a “Q&A” resource where you can interact live with more experienced people helping you with particular ML problems you encounter in your work. Each of these AI communities has its advantages and disadvantages. It entirely depends on your needs and preferences in deciding your favorite AI communities to join.

We all know that learning a skill is way more fun when you do it with someone. Whether it is doing homework or practicing your tennis play, it is remarkably beneficial to do it with a friend. You can help each other, ask questions, brainstorm, laughs, etc. This interaction also applies to AI. There is just so much benefit to joining a community that fits your interests in this field. Indeed, anyone in such a specific community is like you: learning or working in the field and joining to share their projects, learn together, work together, and much more, making it so fun. It is also convenient for beginners, especially when you cannot find the question you are looking for on stack overflow! 😉

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most exciting and popular online communities that AI enthusiasts like you can be a part of and why you should:

Towards AI Discord Community

Let’s face it. AI systems are often opaque, strange, and challenging to use. In the field of machine learning, this is particularly true. If we want to make intelligent systems that people can understand and interact with — more easily, a key part of the solution is a community where people can come together, share ideas and learn from each other.

That is why we created the Towards AI Community on Discord — to connect and learn with other data experts and enthusiasts. So join now, and become part of a community aimed to make you an expert in AI. You can join the paid or free version based on how advanced you’d like to go. This community is perfect for beginners and anyone looking forward to chatting with more experienced people in the field.

Learn AI Together on Discord

If you are just getting started with artificial intelligence, chatting online with more than 10’000 other AI enthusiasts like you in the Learn AI Together discord community can only help you learn more. The platform only consists of AI enthusiasts who are willing to interact and share information on their passion for the subject at any time of the day. And Discord is the perfect tool for this.

Ask questions, find teammates, share your projects, find a job, and much more. Everything in live chatting and/or vocal! There are channels for everything, from asking precise math questions to general chatting. So join this community to enter a family of AI enthusiasts, build meaningful friendships, and learn more every day.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

The Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Facebook community are one of the most vibrant and active group on Facebook. This AI community is a place for AI enthusiasts to discuss the latest breakthroughs, get inspiration from videos, tutorials, and courses coming out, find exciting jobs, and even share their work back among their peers. These are amazing to find anything related to AI and algorithms, as they’re usually timely and comprehensive but less optimal for having a meaningful discussion where discord is the clear winner.

However, it still has its purpose, and we use it every day to find exciting news in the field. It is also managed by admins that do the first sorting, meaning that the posts are well-curated, making it a great source of information.

Data Quest

Data Quest is a large group of professionals working as AI developers and data scientists who know how to structure and analyze data. This community consists of more than 1000 members from all over the world. The Data Quest community has three sub-communities: Data Sphere (The biggest one), AI Developers (a smaller one with emphasis on building chatbots and similar), and Quant/DL (Machine learning).

IntegratedMLAI on Slack

Participate in weekly Saturday morning Integrated mentoring sessions. They have a wide range of people worldwide who show up with various levels of experience, and all that they do together is very rich in pragmatic philosophy. “We are like a family that grows more together.” It currently has more than 500 members that share daily. For example, chatting about AI-related content, sharing your LinkedIn posts to help you grow and reach more people, ask questions, share and find job openings, and more. It is a great place to build a “family” and learn more using Slack.

Machine Learning — Quora

Quora is a great place to ask questions and stay up-to-date with the news. It is a known platform for questions and answers but also allows you to share informative posts. There are also what they call “Spaces.” Spaces are fundamentally a specific subject or group of people. In this case, space Machine Learning is what you are looking for.

This one is full of machine learning experts answering questions and sharing their work. It is one of the best places to ask questions as you will always get an answer. It is not real-time like discord, but its way makes it much more convenient and likely to get a personal response than Stackoverflow. So we would strongly suggest asking your questions on this platform, specifically in this space, if you cannot find anything online. As we mentioned, many people share their work and news in the field there.

r/learnmachinelearning — Reddit

Last but not least, Reddit. Reddit is a great place to follow news and exchange with like-minded people. Unfortunately, it is more like a forum than a community, where you won’t exchange with the same people and create real connections, but this platform allows you to stay up-to-date with the news, find excellent resources, and ask questions. It is very similar to Quora without the curation process by administrators.

There are hundreds of posts every day with so many valuable resources. It is unbelievable. We recommend joining a few of them like artificial, artificialinteligence, and learnmachinelearning. Then, set a notification for “hot posts.” This way, it will automatically curate the posts for you and send you the most liked and shared posts. It helped us a lot, and we found many tools through these that we are still using every day.

In conclusion, there are communities and platforms for everything. Join the ones that you think fits best your needs. But most importantly, join an AI community so you can get started learning and interacting with other data people alike. You do not know how helpful it is until you tried it. It is life-changing! Have fun learning with other people, share the projects you work on, stay easily up-to-date with the hottest topics and tools, find the tools that will change the way you work forever. There are just so many benefits to joining a community that we cannot list them all.

Let us know if we missed any exciting communities that would be worth adding in here, and we hope to see you and exchange in our community!

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