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Inside Code Llama: Meta AI’s Entrance in the Code LLM Space
Meet SeamlessM4T: Meta AI’s New Foundation Model for Speech Translation
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Google’s Symbol Tuning is a New Fine-Tuning Technique that In-Context Learning in LLMs
Meet WebAgent: DeepMind’s New LLM that Follows Instructions and Complete Tasks on Websites
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Google’s Model Search is a New Open Source Framework that Uses Neural Networks to Build Neural Networks
This Open Source Framework was Created by LinkedIn to Simplify the Interoperability Between TensorFlow and Spark
Google Fights NLP Inequality with Massively Scalable, Multilingual Models
Facebook Open Sourced BlenderBot 2.0, a Chatbot that can Discuss Any Topic, Has Long Term Memory and Can Search the Internet for Real-Time Answers
Microsoft Synapse ML provides a Single Interface for Building Massively Scalable Machine Learning Pipelines
The Framework Uber Uses for Designing Optimal Statistical Experiments
Inside DINOv2: Meta AI’s New Self-Supervised Learning Model for Computer Vision