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15 Top AI/ML/AR/VR Based App Ideas for Startups and SMEs in 2020–21
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15 Top AI/ML/AR/VR Based App Ideas for Startups and SMEs in 2020–21

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Sophia Martin


15 Top Unique AI/ML/AR/VR Based App Ideas in 2020–21

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Planning to invest in a mobile app? Here are the top 15 AI/ML/VR/AR app development ideas that ensure your success in 2020–21!

With the availability of around 5 million apps existing in the app stores, the trends of developing ordinary mobile apps are just fading away. The increasing usage of mobile applications with each passing year also pushes the demand for innovative technologies to meet future mobile app users' demands.

And Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) have become the most influencing technologies in the field of mobile app development and creating a plethora of opportunities for startups in 2021.

The fact of the matter is the emerging technologies like AI and ML, AR & VR have transformed the way we managed our everyday tasks. Right from asking Alexa to order groceries for you to get personal shopping recommendations, Augmented Reality based filters in Snapchat to Virtual Reality based games, accessing virtual assistants to voice assistance, AI/ML/AR/VR technologies are ruling everywhere.

If you’re still wondering whether investing your time and efforts in AI/ML/AR/VR app development is a worthy decision or not.

In that case, you should understand the key statistics about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • According to MarketsandMarkets forecast, the Artificial Intelligence market will jump from $21.46 billion in 2018 to $190.61 billion by 2025, at a 36.62% CAGR.
Image Source: Markets and Markets
  • According to Forbes, 84% of respondents said AI would enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage and help them stay competitive in the market.
  • 61% of business executives with an innovative strategy say they are using AI to identify data opportunities that would otherwise be missed.
  • 95% of businesses have agreed that, if they are skilled at using Big Data to Solve business problems or generate insights, they can also use AI technologies to streamline their business task.
  • According to studies, 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021.
  • 80% of businesses and tech leaders have agreed that AI boosts productivity and creates better business opportunities.
  • China, Japan, and South Korea are considered the largest market for industrial robots and marketing. Security and fintech are the major domains where it is projected to be widely used.
Image Source: Markets and Markets

After analyzing these statistics, one thing is clear that mobile apps will surely stay in the future without showing any sign of going downwards. And this fact has created a need for hiring mobile app developers expert working with leading technologies and building applications according to market standards.

Both of these technologies will help you develop futuristic apps and unlock wide opportunities in the business world. If AI and ML technology is adopted rightly, your business will benefit in the future and streamline the business operations.

But now the central question is, “What type of applications can you develop by leveraging all these technologies”?

Keeping in mind this current question, we have created a list of brilliant AI/ML/AR/VR based app ideas that will make your money in 2020–21.

15 Top AI/ML/AR/VR Based Mobile App Development Ideas For Startups and SMEs in 2020–21

1. AI Chatbots: Let Your Bots Talk to the Users

Gone are those days when customers keep calling customer care to get a solution for their issues. AI-based chatbots are the new virtual agents that can handle the end number of queries in real-time and provide 24*7 support to the customers.

The chatbots act like human beings, but they provide more specific responses and are fully automated with zero human intervention.

According to the studies, it is projected that 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents by 2021. In fact, 64% of internet users say that 24-hour service is the best feature of Chatbots; therefore, 37% of people use live chat support to get a quick answer in an emergency.

With so many benefits offering to the end-users, adding a virtual assistant to your mobile app can boost customer relations.

2. Integration of AI & ML in Healthcare App

Have you ever thought of this fact that robots will replace human doctors one day? No doubt, Artificial Intelligence is boldly paving their way in the healthcare industry's corridors and giving us such healthcare apps as WebMD, SkinVision, Sense.IY, and more. Right from checking the symptoms to finding the trusted physician, it will help you manage everything.

According to Accenture analysis, the AI health market is marked with explosive growth and projected to create $150 billion in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

Image Source: Accenture

Now you must be surprised, how will it manage this?

The basic principle behind this is that a chatbot is created with a pool of information generated using Machine learning and deep learning. The technologies are used to gather all the related information, such as the number of health concerns, issues, remedies, treatments, and more.

That’s where an AI-based chatbot receives a person’s symptoms and information related to the health issue and leads that person in the right direction by suggesting the proper treatment right away. In case the chatbot fails to answer your query or unable to provide you with an in-depth solution. It will redirect you to the concerned doctor and interpret your medical information in the correct order to make the entire session useful and satisfied.

3. Location Tracking App With AI and ML

Imagine how difficult it would be to find a location when you are traveling to unknown places. Instead, looking here and there or wasting your time on searching google Maps, an AI & ML based geo-tracking app can help users find the exact location and let them know the precise duration of travel.

The main principle of using AI and ML is to gather all the information related to the various destinations and points of interest, including stores, shopping malls, medical stores, parking areas, party venues, cafes, and more.

The perfect example is Life360 that runs cross-platform, provides a completely customizable, AI-driven location tracking option on battery saving mode, and without losing the accuracy of the location.

4. AI and ML in Industrial Companies

Gone are those days when the laborers managed industries, and everything has been manual. With emerging technologies like AI and ML, enterprises integrate the robots into the workflow to make it run smoothly and flawlessly.

These industrial robots are designed to handle every significant task and automate it by merely optimizing the certain processes that humans previously managed. Right from keeping track of the inventory and increasing the productivity of manufactured products to minimize labor costs, industrial robots can handle everything without compromising the quality of the product.

5. Roadside Car Repair Assistance App With AI & ML

Image Source: Freepik

Just imagine how worst it would be to handle a car breakdown in between your family road trips? But a roadside car repair assistant app can be a real savior for you.

These apps are complicated to design as they create a platform where all the car service providers and car owners come together. The app is listed with the end number of car service providers as per the location, prices, and services by using ML technology.

So in case of requirement, it helps users send their contact details directly to the nearest service providers and provide immediate car repair service, no matter which location of the country you are.

The best part is the app used to list only registered service providers, so users won’t have to worry about their passengers' security and safety. With a small registration amount, users can quickly get started with these services.

6. AI For The Retail Store

Have you been running an eCommerce site and chasing with the photos of the products? It is yes, then usually people used to drain their time searching it through Google Social Media to find related images. But now you don’t need to bother all these things!

By using online device recognition AI and ML development tools like Caffe2 and OpenCV, you can easily automate the entire process. Like Facebook is using Caffe2 to enable automation, image processing, perform object detection, statistical and mathematical operations, and more. It is used to improve the efficiency and quality of machine translation systems mainly. Likewise, all the retail stores can integrate this technology to expedite scanning, organization, and categorization based on the smartphone.

Besides, by using this categorization tool, retailers can get a wide choice of photos related to their geographical location, product type, and potential markets.

7. AR for Ecommerce Application

Undoubtedly Augmented Reality has changed the way people buy things from online stores. According to the studies, 61% of consumers say they prefer retailers with AR experiences, and 40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could try with AR. Keeping in mind all these facts, it is projected that the AR market will value approx. $50b by 2024 and offering a wide choice of opportunities to the startups.

AR is the unique technology that overlays the real-world image with the virtual image in real-time. Using this technology allows customers to try anything virtually to help them understand the final look of the product on you. It can be the best technology in selling cosmetics, apparel, eye wears, jewelry, room decors, and more.

8. Weather Forecast App With AI and ML

Image Source: Freepik

People into so much traveling are always chasing the issue to know the exact weather or climate of various regions. But AI and ML-enabled weather forecasting apps will help you determine the accurate forecasting of climate in your preferred area.

Weather forecasting apps like NowCast use machine learning for predicting forecasts and offering weather reports with high-end proficiency. With the help of AI, it gathers weather insights to expect any change in the weather condition. Any software development company backed by AI and ML developers can help you customize this app with the excellent UX/UI design and add weather forecasting to your simple mobile app.

9. Virtual Reality for the 3D Gaming Apps

With the projected market size of the consumer virtual reality hardware and software market to increase from 6.2 billion dollars in 2019 to more than 16 billion US Dollars by 2022, it is a great idea to introduce your Virtual reality-based gaming app in 2020–21.

VR technology has been around since 2012, but with the increasing usage of VR headsets, it is safe to say that VR gaming continues to grow. If you are looking for expert mobile app development services, any developer can help you do a lot with this technology. But still, Gaming will remain a significant market segment for VR technology and appears to be poised to undergo massive growth in the next couple of years.

According to the market survey, 59% of investors from tech companies have started believing that the gaming sector will receive an enormous amount of investment regarding quality VR development.

10. AR and VR For Maintaining Apartments

No matter how expensive and luxurious an apartment you have, building maintenance is always a significant headache for the owners. But with the AR and VR embedded building maintenance apps, it becomes possible to record and present all the essential information easily related to apartments.

With VR based apartment maintenance apps, maintenance workers can easily access the virtual display of the gas and water pipes located inside or outside the wall. Moreover, they can also wholly analyze the elevator shafts and service panels and their direction to ensure proper repair service.

And with an AR-based app, you can quickly determine what kind of lights you can install and how many lights you need to install by accessing the scanner.

11. Language Translation Apps With AI and ML

Image Source: Freepik

While traveling across the borders, language always creates a barrier between and makes it complicated to understand and communicate things with locals. But with the advancement in deep learning, making language translation apps becomes more comfortable with AI and ML technologies today.

An Artificial development company can easily understand today's needs and be able to customize the app with easy-to-access features.

By leveraging ML and AI, a developer can quickly build intelligent conversation voice assistants and chatbots that make it possible to translate your local language into the selected language. The conversation interfaces driven by AI will understand your question and answer your query and make it easier for you to communicate with the hotel or shopkeeper.

Undoubtedly, many people rely on Google Translations, but you need to type everything in the text box, and the accuracy of the translation is not that proficient. Since AL and ML-based language translation apps use highly trained models “Neural Machine Translation (NMT),” they translate sentences and documents to ensure high-end data quality.

12. AI and ML For Automated Recruitments

Are you still draining your long hours on evaluating each profile to get out the best match for the current position? Isn’t it a time-consuming and energy-draining process?

Hiring the right talented person with the correct skillset can be a real challenge for the recruiters. Still, with the AI and ML embedded online recruitment app, you can easily hire skilled workers without going through the lengthy process.

As per the survey report, AI and Virtual personal Assistants will replace almost 69% of the Manager’s workload by 2024. In fact, 85% of organizations are already using AI for recruiting candidates in these three major areas, including research and development, IT, and customer services.

By leveraging the power of recruiting automation, tech-employers have started using AI-driven sourcing tools to search candidates that best fit for the position and have not considered for the roles in the past. With the help of AI-based recruiting apps, recruitment companies can increase their efficiency and ability to provide the best matches, though by using fewer resources.

13. AR and VR for the Interior Designing App

Styling a room and designing it with the perfect blend of colors and interior is a highly complicated job. But now you don’t need to look for interior designing services as an AR and VR based interior designing app can help users design their personal and official spaces in the way they want.

Right from selecting the room colors to wallpapers, furniture to wall decor, everything can be done with your interior design app. All you need is a smartphone and a good quality camera and look around your space that you want to design or furnish. The app will suggest excellent interior designs in the form of a 3D model to help you understand your room's final look.

14. AI and ML-based Travel Plan App

While the travel and tourism industry is expected to grow over $500 billion by 2029, it is worth investing in the AI and ML-based travel plan application.

In fact, despite the ailing economy, the tourism industry has shown no signs of slowing down. So it’s time to leverage this opportunity by merely hiring the ML development company that can easily customize the app with the essential feature.

The automated ML and AI technology in the travel industry can help the users in planning their trip like an expert. Right from selecting the best destinations to choosing the attractions to accommodation, the travel plan app will do everything by keeping your travel budget and interest areas in mind.

You can choose to hire a mobile app developer that programmed specific screens on the app to display the best travel recommendations, including attractions, trips, restaurants, nearby cities to explore, and more.

15. AI and ML Implementation in Backing Apps

When it comes to banking queries, there are complex banking and finance structures to explain the customers. In that case, Kasisto’s KAI platform allows banks to create their chatbots and virtual assistants trained to handle banking queries. By combining the AI logic and human language recognition and creation, the AI-based financial apps can easily handle the complex issues and questions related to banking.

Besides, these apps are a great asset to streamline their professional routines by automating the data entry and reporting process since AI-based financial apps help minimize the risk of having human errors and increase work efficiency.

Undoubtedly, AI/ML/AR/VR technologies are already paving their way in the mobile app development industry. But with the remarkable increase in the use of these technologies in 2020, it is safe enough to say that these technologies will create ever-growing business opportunities for startups. No matter which app development idea you choose to go with, you need a reputable mobile app development company that can easily understand your business and users' needs.


Hopefully, whether you are a startup or progressive SME, these 15 AI/ML/AR/VR-based app ideas will help you get the best kickstart for your business in 2020–21. The usage of AI/ML/VR/AR is not limited to any particular sector or industry; therefore, the list of app development ideas can go to any extent.

A startup is indeed all about bringing a new idea, but the success lies in the way you convert it into the final practical solution. With so many applications already rolling out in the app stores every day, achieving victory through the mobile app is not easy.

To take your step ahead in the market competition, it is worth collaborating with the software development company. They can help you by giving some of the best app development ideas for your mobile app development project and can transform it with proven methodologies and technologies.

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