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This AI newsletter is all you need #30

This AI newsletter is all you need #30

Last Updated on January 25, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Towards AI Editorial Team

Originally published on Towards AI.

What happened this week in AI by Louis

Last week, we successfully hosted not one, but two events directly on our Discord server — a first for us. The events were a great start to 2023, and we’re excited to host many more in the future. To keep track of upcoming events, we’ve added a section on our Discord community where you can find our upcoming (free) events.

More information is in our new event section below!

I also wanted to mention that we would love it if you reached out to us if you’d like to host an event on our server. We’ll share and host it for you, providing a live audience of AI enthusiasts, students, and professionals. You’ll also have the freedom to record and use the content afterward.

Hottest News

  1. Microsoft eyes $10 billion bet on ChatGPT
    Microsoft is reportedly in negotiations to invest $10 billion in the company behind ChatGPT, the highly popular app that has captivated both casual users and artificial intelligence experts since its latest software release. The funding, which would also involve other venture firms, would value OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, at $29 billion, including the new investment.
  2. Generative AI: a game-changer that society and industry need to be ready for
    Generative AI is not a new concept and the machine-learning techniques that underlie it have progressed over the last decade. However, with the recent release of models such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT, generative AI has become a highly discussed topic among technologists, investors, policymakers, and society as a whole. Yet, as we continue to explore the potential of these systems, it is essential to address questions such as the risks involved, governance, and future implications to prepare for the emerging capabilities of generative AI.
  3. In the Reign of Generative AI, All Hail… the Fact-Checker
    Generative AI, whether it is used for content and images or simplifying our work through automation, is a technology that is here to stay. As we continue to experiment with it and push its boundaries, it is essential to keep in mind that machine learning is not perfect. This is not only evident in the occasional bizarre phrases or images it produces but also in its capacity to get facts incorrect. The role of fact-checking, which has been relatively insignificant for the past few decades, may become a vital practice in content creation in the years to come.

Three 5-minute reads/videos to keep you learning

  1. How to use ChatGPT to boost your writing
    ChatGPT has become a viral sensation and has reached a million users. However, people are still experimenting with the best ways to utilize it to its full potential. This article explores the proper way to present a prompt, considerations to keep in mind when crafting a prompt, and techniques for getting the most out of ChatGPT.
  2. Introducing Simple ML for Sheets
    In this Twitter thread, @Sumanth_077 presents a step-by-step guide on how to construct machine learning models directly within Google Sheets. The guide includes clear, visual instructions and references, introducing a simple approach to machine learning for sheets. It also highlights the capabilities of Sheets and how to achieve them with a few simple steps.
  3. Prompt Engineering 101: Introduction and resources
    As we continue to experiment with new generative AI systems and strive to achieve optimal results, it is crucial to comprehend the impact that prompts can have on the outcome. This guide delves into the concept of a prompt, its fundamental components, and the process of prompt engineering.

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The Learn AI Together Community section!

Upcoming Community Events

The Learn AI Together Discord community hosts weekly AI seminars to help the community learn from industry experts, ask questions, and get a deeper insight into the latest research in AI. Join us for free, interactive video sessions hosted live on Discord every week by attending our upcoming events.

  • The Neural Network Architecture Seminar (#2)
    This is the second session of a (free) nine-part series on Neural Networks Architectures presented by Pablo Duboue (DrDub). Find the link to the seminar here or add it to your calendar here.
    Date & Time: January 17th, 11 pm EST
    If you missed the first part of the series, find last week’s event recordings here.
  • LAIT’s Reading Group
    Learn AI Together’s weekly reading group offers informative presentations and discussions on the latest developments in AI. It is a great (free) event to learn, ask questions, and interact with community members. Join the next reading group discussion here.
    Date & Time: January 20th, 6 pm EST

If you missed the last session, find last week’s event recordings here.

Add our Google calendar to see all our free AI events!

Meme of the week!

Meme shared by @untitled01ipynb

Featured Community post from the Discord

jUMAD1 has released his second notebook, “Evaluate Shopper Clusters with clusteval” on Kaggle. This notebook delves into the use of the “clusteval” library, as well as dataset exploration, minimal preprocessing, evaluating created clusters using dendrogram and silhouette plots, and providing marketing suggestions based on profiling results and analysis. Give it a read here and support a fellow community member. Share your questions and feedback in the thread linked here.

AI poll of the week!

Join the discussion on Discord.

TAI Curated section

Article of the week

The Art and Science of Regularization in Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Guide by Data Science meets Cyber Security

Regularization is a technique used to prevent overfitting in machine learning models. The author begins by addressing the fundamentals and then delves deeper into solutions with code and graphical examples. This is a comprehensive, one-stop guide for tuning the ideal ML model.

Our must-read articles

Paper Review: InstructOR One Embedder, Any Task by Building Blocks

Ultimate MLOps Learning Roadmap with Free Learning Resources In 2023 by Youssef Hosni

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Job offers

Senior Machine Learning Scientist @Freenome (Remote)

Domain Expert, Editor (Fixed-term contract) @Dataminr (Remote)

Sr. Research Scientist — Computer Vision @Axon (Seattle, WA/Remote)

Backend Software Engineer @Anderson Optimization (Remote)

Machine Learning Engineer @Anduril (Sydney, Australia)

Implementation Engineer @Gather AI (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

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