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Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Confetti AI — A leading platform for AI interview preparation.

Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Confetti AI — A leading platform for AI interview preparation.

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Towards AI Announces Acquisition of Confetti AI — A leading platform for AI interview preparation.
Source: Confetti AI
  • Confetti AI is an education and skill-building platform developed to help people practice machine learning and data science interview questions.
  • The acquisition complements Towards AI’s leading AI content platform and community and supports its goals of creating comprehensive educational content and helping solve pain points on both sides of the hiring process for AI jobs.

Towards AI, a leading online community and platform for content sharing on AI, is announcing the acquisition of Confetti AI. Confetti AI was founded by Mihail Eric and Henry Zhao in 2020 and has grown to 6,000 active users with a content library of over 350 questions. Confetti AI was built on a decade of experience in artificial intelligence and hundreds of hours of discussions with experts in the field. It aims to curate the leading library of machine learning and data science interview questions, focusing on both conceptual understanding and practical applications.

The AI field is developing rapidly and AI roles now encompass a huge variety of skills and tools. Experts in AI jobs may need to be comfortable with:

  1. Mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability theory and linear algebra
  2. Architecting data processing pipelines
  3. Designing and implementing statistical models
  4. Developing infrastructure for evaluating models and computing metrics
  5. Rolling out systems in production to service web-scale customer traffic

Many of these skills may be brought together in a single role analogous to full-stack web developers, while other roles can be more specialized. This creates a confusing landscape where it’s not always clear what skills will be expected from a particular AI role based on the job listing. Certain skills and knowledge may also need to be refreshed or refined before moving to a new role or starting out in the industry.

Confetti aims to help with this process by providing a library of around 350 curated interview questions to help you practice for interviews and prepare for your new role, in-depth curriculum guides for what concepts you need to know, and targeted assessments to test what you’ve learned. The materials on the platform range from multiple choice conceptual questions and interactive questions in a real-time code editor to much more in-depth multi-part implementation questions built on Jupyter Notebooks.

Towards AI, Inc., led by Co-founder and CEO Louie Peters, commented on the acquisition:

“Mihail and Henry have built a great platform and high-quality content library at Confetti and it has already proven itself a valuable tool for thousands of AI engineers at interviews. We believe Towards AI can take the platform to the next level both by expanding its audience, but also continuing to build on its interview practice content library, together with hosting some of our broader AI educational content.”

Confetti AI Co-Founder Mihail Eric said:

“From our first conversations with Louie and the Towards AI team, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the scope and ambition of their vision for universal AI education. Towards AI is well on its way to becoming the leading global AI education platform, enabling entire generations of practitioners to learn the skills necessary to succeed in their careers. This is always the future we were working towards with Confetti, so we’re excited that Confetti has found a home helping to actualize this important goal.“

The addition of Confetti further strengthens Towards AI’s business and builds towards its aims to become an essential platform for everyone working in AI or looking to enter the field. Towards AI is growing to become the key AI community and resource for sharing AI skills, knowledge and developments, allowing students, engineers, entrepreneurs, academics and others to work collaboratively to make AI accessible to all. This is built from a strong foundation of blog-form AI news and educational content where we publish 20 to 40 articles per week at Towards AI. The ecosystem also benefits from the Learn AI Discord Community, which has now grown to 27,000 members and is becoming more closely integrated into Towards AI since its acquisition in June. As part of this integration, a weekly newsletter format was recently launched and has already reached over 70,000 subscribers. It showcases some of the most significant news items and papers of the past week, along with a few interesting discussions taking place in our community. Towards AI has many plans on top of these initiatives to build valuable tools and resources for the AI community.

Commenting on plans for Confetti AI going forward, Louie Peters said:

“Beyond our content platform and AI community, more long-form educational resources have always been a priority for Towards AI. Confetti accelerates this for us, both with its existing content library, but also with a great platform for hosting machine learning courses we have in development. In discussions with the AI community, a key pain point that often resurfaces is the inefficient and laborious hiring process in the AI field. There are lot of things we want to do with Towards AI to help here on both sides of the equation. Confetti contributes a great first step towards this and we are also close to launching an AI-tailored jobs platform which we hope will better align candidates with well-matched jobs earlier in the hiring process.”

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