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Learn AI Together — Towards AI Community Newsletter #18
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Learn AI Together — Towards AI Community Newsletter #18

Author(s): Towards AI Editorial Team

Originally published on Towards AI.

Good morning, AI enthusiasts! This week, I’m super excited to announce that we are finally releasing our book, ‘Building AI for Production; Enhancing LLM Abilities and Reliability with Fine-Tuning and RAG,’ where we gathered all our learnings. Of course, we also have new collaboration opportunities, interesting resources, fun memes, and more for students, developers, and enthusiasts.

What’s AI Weekly

AI is a shift in education that offers amazing opportunities for personalized learning, efficiency in teaching, and access to education for all ages. This technology will change how and what we learn and the skills we need for the future. This week in What’s AI, I’m diving into how real companies, products, and people already use AI to change the education system and how one can leverage AI to learn more. Tune in on YouTube or read the complete article here!

-Louis-François Bouchard, Towards AI Co-founder & Head of Community

Building AI for Production (E-book): Available for Pre-orders!

Our book, ‘Building AI for Production: Enhancing LLM Abilities and Reliability with Fine-Tuning and RAG,’ is now available on Amazon for pre-orders. It is a roadmap to the future tech stack, offering advanced techniques in Prompt Engineering, Fine-Tuning, and RAG, curated by experts from Towards AI, LlamaIndex, Activeloop, Mila, and more.

This e-book focuses on adapting large language models (LLMs) to specific use cases by leveraging Prompt Engineering, Fine-Tuning, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), tailored for readers with an intermediate knowledge of Python. It is an end-to-end resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills or dive into the world of AI for the first time as a programmer or software student, with over 500 pages, several Colab notebooks, hands-on projects, community access, and our AI Tutor.

The e-book is a journey through creating LLM products ready for production, leveraging the potential of AI across various industries. Pre-ordering your copy now and take the first step towards your AI journey!

Learn AI Together Community section!

Featured Community post from the Discord

White_d3vil recently introduced GalaxyAI. It offers free API service to access AI models like Gemma, GPT-4, GPT-4–1106-PREVIEW, GPT-3.5-turbo, Gemini-PRO API, Mistral, Llama, and more. All APIs are in OpenAI format. Check it out and integrate the API in your projects here. Share your questions and feedback in the Discord thread!

AI poll of the week!

The curse of loving what we do is we don’t know how to take a break. At Towards AI, we are a passionate team of amazing people incapable of taking time off. Does stepping away from your passion help you come back with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and an overall lightness toward the pursuit? Let’s talk about it in the thread!

Collaboration Opportunities

The Learn AI Together Discord community is flooding with collaboration opportunities. If you are excited to dive into applied AI, want a study partner, or even want to find a partner for your passion project, join the collaboration channel! Keep an eye on this section, too — we share cool opportunities every week!

1. Dianasanimals is looking for students to test several free chatbots. If this sounds interesting, reach out in the thread!

2. Elymsyr wants to develop new projects to improve their ML, RL, computer vision, and co-working skills. He is looking for someone with project ideas and a basic understanding of AI and coding (preferably Python). If you have time for something like this, connect with him in the thread!

3. Articialpaulus has created a basic prototype demonstrating the potential of emotion prediction and word prediction models. They are looking to engineer a proof-of-concept demo to start a company potentially. If you are a developer, a conversational AI enthusiast, or simply want to learn, reach out in the thread!

Meme of the week!

Meme shared by ghost_in_the_machine

TAI Curated section

Article of the week

The Design Shift: Building Applications in the Era of Large Language Models by Jun Li

A new trend has recently reshaped our approach to building software applications: the rise of large language models (LLMs) and their integration into software development. In this article, the author aims to share his experience as a software engineer using a question-driven approach to designing an LLM-powered application. The design is similar to a traditional application but considers LLM-powered application-specific characters and components.

Our must-read articles

1. Inside SIMA: Google DeepMind’s New Agent that Can Follow Language Instructions to Interact with Any 3D Virtual Environment by Jesus Rodriguez

This article discusses Google DeepMind’s latest research on the Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent (SIMA). The project aimed to develop instructable agents that can interact with any 3D environment just like a human by following simple language instructions. The research represents an important milestone in developing generalist agents for 3D interactions.

2. Streamline ML Workflow with MLflow — II by ronilpatil

This article explains how to leverage MLflow to track machine learning experiments, register a model, and serve the model into production. It also creates a REST endpoint and Streamlit web app so that users can easily interact with the model. This piece specifically talks about Model Registry and model Serving.

3. Building an Enterprise Data Lake with Snowflake Data Cloud & Azure using the SDLS Framework. By Richie Bachala

This blog delves into the intricacies of building these critical data ingestion designs into Snowflake Data Cloud for enterprises. Specifically, it explores how the author and his team developed the Snowflake Data Lake Integration Service (SDLS) framework, designed to streamline the creation and management of pipelines into an enterprise data lake with Snowflake Data Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

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