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How to brief your company’s Board About Generative AI With Visuals?
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How to brief your company’s Board About Generative AI With Visuals?

Author(s): Sathesh Sriskandarajah

Originally published on Towards AI.

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

It was the middle of 2023, and I received a LinkedIn message from the CEO of an organization. He had read one of my previous publications in artificial intelligence and wanted to catch up for a meeting urgently. Later that week he came and met me at my office accompanied with some of his management team.

He was grey-haired and in his late 50s, and after the formal introductions, he asked his first question with his eyes wide open, looking very uncomfortable…

What is AI? Show me the AI! Please show me what it looks like.

Like many of us in the corporate world, we had just started dabbling with ChatGPT, and it literally blew my mind. For me personally, it felt like the first time I used Uber — my driver was waiting outside within 1 minute of my request with a bottle of water and Mentos mint candy in one hand and holding the door open for me with the other. I arrived at my destination and walked out, everything was paid for, documented and tracked. I was like, WOW, never did my previous taxi experiences feel like this! I hadn’t had that same feeling for… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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