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This AI newsletter is all you need #25

This AI newsletter is all you need #25

Last Updated on December 22, 2022 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Towards AI Editorial Team

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What happened this week in AI by Louis

Exciting news today!

We are partnering with Learn Prompting in order to help build and spread how to do prompting and become better prompt engineers, which we believe will become more and more popular, and people will even be hired for this role in the near future (do you think prompt engineering will be a real job? Join the discussion!). We plan on covering the A to Z of prompting, including great applied and comprehensive tutorials for all the large and *hot* models, as well as a fun competition coming up towards the end of the year.

Learn more about this new course and stay tuned for the fun competition with prizes — including money — in our new #learn-prompting channel on Discord!

We will use this new channel to share announcements and answer questions related to Learn Prompting. You can also reach out to @Trigaten and me at any time.

This news also comes with a new job opportunity!
We are looking for people willing to do some contract work for building learning resources with experience in one or both of the following:

  • NLP (LLMs implementation & prompting).
  • Image generation models (implemented stable diffusion or other image synthesis model and experience prompting (or fine-tuning) with them).

This would be a contractor role with approximately 10 hours per month of work with different fun and game-changing (mostly open-source) projects for the “learning AI” community, just like Learn Prompting. Message me @Louis B on Discord or by email for more information!

Hottest News

  1. Pytorch just introduced PyTorch 2.0!
    Along with a lot of cool features, PyTorch 2.0 introduces torch.compile, a compiled mode that accelerates your model without needing to change your model code. On 163 open-source models ranging across vision, NLP, and others, using 2.0 speeds up training by 38–76%.
  2. A ChatGPT Chrome extension
    Integrate ChatGPT into every text box on the internet, such as a What’s app message box or Twitter post you are writing, thanks to work by Gabe Ragland. Just directly ask ChatGPT to help you out.
  3. The AI Film Festival
    Runway is introducing the first annual AI Film Festival. A celebration of the art and artists making the impossible at the forefront of AI filmmaking! All films will be reviewed by a panel of globally renowned filmmakers, creators, and AI innovators.

Three 5-minute reads/videos to keep you learning

  1. Overview of Computer Vision Tasks & Applications
    In this article, Youssef Hosni explores the main computer vision tasks and the most popular application for each task. Learn more about this field and how AI actually helps the vision industry!
  2. ChatGPT is taking over the internet. But do you know how it actually works? It’s so clever…
    Here’s an explanation using simple words (in a great Twitter thread by my friend Lior)…
  3. Teaching ChatGPT about the birds and the bees
    In this article, my friend Jeremy Pinto shares a great use case of ChatGPT using it to help him code a machine learning model. He shares his experience, the model’s weaknesses and strengths, and more. Really interesting and applied article for anyone interested in using ChatGPT and practicing coding.

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The Learn AI Together community section!

Meme of the week!

Heh, not that revolutionary… Shared by FathoM™| 1'3" | -8IQ#4188.

Featured Community post from the Discord by Louis

As head of community, I will be conducting an interview with someone in charge of the hiring process for a big AI company.

I would love to know if you would have any questions you’d like to ask about:

  • The interview process
  • The interviews themselves
  • The ideal resume
  • What they are looking for in your profile, etc.

Please send your questions to me on Discord or by email!

The interview will be shared on my YouTube channel What’s AI and on the Discord server around the winter holidays.

AI poll of the week!

Join the discussion on Discord.

TAI Curated section

Towards AI Article of the week

Paper Review Monolith: Towards Better Recommendation Systems by Building Blocks

The author discusses a recently published paper: Real-Time Recommendation System With Collisionless Embedding Table. Recommendation systems are the most prevalent application of machine learning. We see them on every social media platform, streaming website, online marketplace, and many others. Despite their prevalence, there’s plenty of room for improvement in how recommendation systems are designed.

Other must-read articles

Window Functions in SQL and PySpark ( Notebook) by Muttineni Sai Rohith

DeepMind’s DeepNash Plays The Game “Stratego” by Dr. Mandar Karhade, MD. PhD.

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Featured jobs this week

Product Lead, AI/ML @ Inworld.AI (USA, Remote)

Data Engineer @ Sword (USA, Remote)

Machine Learning Engineer @ Covariant (Berkeley, CA)

AI Delivery Manager (Healthcare) @ ClosedLoop (Remote)

Senior/Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Infrastructure at Earnin (USA, Remote)

Interested in sharing a job opportunity here? Contact [email protected] or post the opportunity in our #hiring channel on discord!

If you are preparing your next machine learning interview, don’t hesitate to check out our leading interview preparation website, confetti!

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