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Visualizing World Peace with ChatGPT-4
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Visualizing World Peace with ChatGPT-4

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Dennis Niggl

Originally published on Towards AI.

How to rapidly generate beautiful maps and charts from global peace data.
Planet earth image created by Dall-E.

One of the major challenges in data science is to analyze vast amounts of raw data and generate meaningful visuals that provide insights and tells a story.

ChatGPT-4 is a powerful language model that provides us the capability to quickly process and analyze large amounts of data and generate visualizations that leads to discovery.

In this exercise we will look at measurements of peace among different countries and find the most peaceful and the not so peaceful countries around the world. We will generate visualizations including global maps and charts without writing a single line of code.

Truly remarkable, so let’s begin.

For this project, we will use the Global Peace Index data from the website You can access the dataset from this link. The dataset is shown below.​

You will need to select the Overall Scores tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, delete the first 3 rows, and copy the data in the spreadsheet to another excel file and save the file on your local drive as “global_peace_index.csv” file.

The Global Peace Index dataset was created by the Institute for Economics & Peace to measure global peacefulness.

Let’s explore the dataset a little more using ChatGPT-4.

We begin by uploading… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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