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Llama 3 + Llama.cpp is the local AI Heaven
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Llama 3 + Llama.cpp is the local AI Heaven

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Vatsal Saglani

Originally published on Towards AI.

Build a fully local (nano) DiagramGPT using Llama 3 8B and learn about inline function calling
Image by ChatGPT

This is the third time in three weeks that I’m writing about developing AI-powered or GenAI-powered applications that work with local LLMs. Since, the release of Llama 3 and Phi-3-Mini I’ve been waiting for weekends to spend time building something cool locally without spending anything on API calls or GPU servers.

Image by ChatGPT

Throughout the last week, I’ve been thinking about what to build with these local LLMs during this weekend. And I couldn’t come up with anything until Sunday afternoon. Though I had a lot of ideas I stopped myself thinking I wouldn’t be able to achieve them with these local LLMs. But then that’s the test, right?

Hence, I decided to develop a DiagramGPT using a 3-bit quantized Llama 3 8B LLM. As soon as I started writing code I realized it was too ambitious to create something like DiagramGPT in some hours. So I decided to narrow down the use case to generate cloud system architecture from a user description.

I already knew about the diagrams library in Python and was quite sure I could hack some code in a couple of hours and quickly publish my weekly LLM blog. But that wasn’t the case the Llama 3… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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