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GPT-4 Vs. Zephyr-7b-beta: Which One Should You Use?
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GPT-4 Vs. Zephyr-7b-beta: Which One Should You Use?

Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Gao Dalie (高達烈)

Originally published on Towards AI.

As Language models grow, their capabilities change in unexpected ways; one of the latest innovations in LLM is the zephyr-7b-beta.

It has about 7 billion parameters that can be run easily on a laptop, answer user questions, and generate sentences.

On my Homepage, I am always researching LLM, and I am very excited about this zephyr-7b-beta.

Furthermore, in terms of writing and roleplay, it has achieved accuracy approaching that of GPT-4.

Sound interesting, right? In this follow-guide tutorial, I will guide you on how to use zephyr-7b-beta, my impressions after actually using it and finally, a comparison with GPT-4

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