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[DBT] Override Default Schema with Custom Schema name [Tip-1]
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[DBT] Override Default Schema with Custom Schema name [Tip-1]

Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Karthikeyan Siva Baskaran

Originally published on Towards AI.

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By default, DBT creates a model under the schema which is the combination of target_schema and custom_schema. But, there are scenarios where you want to create the schema using custom_schema only, to handle that we need to overwrite the default macro that creates the schema. By default, dbt uses generate_schema_name a macro to generate the schema.

Target Schema: Defined under Profiles.yml. The target schema represents the default schema that dbt will build objects into if the custom schema is not defined for the models.

Custom Schema: Defined under dbt_project.yml. You can use custom schemas in dbt to build models in a schema other than your target schema.

Source: https://docs.getdbt.com/docs/building-a-dbt-project/building-models/using-custom-schemas

Default generate_schema_name Macro


Custom generate_schema_name Macro

Create a file called override_default_macros.sql under the macros folder and input the below SQL.

If the custom_schema is not available for the specified model, then default_schema from profiles.yml will be taken.

The above same code is also maintained under this ever-growing git repository.

GitHub – karthikeyan-sivabaskaran/dbt-tips-and-tricks-series: This repo will keep growing to demo…

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Happy Overriding!

This article is part of the DBT Tips and Tricks Series.

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