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Coding is Like Cooking; ChatGPT for Coding is Like Kindle for Cooking!
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Coding is Like Cooking; ChatGPT for Coding is Like Kindle for Cooking!

Author(s): Christopher Tao

Originally published on Towards AI.

Why we should use ChatGPT for coding without worrying about ethical and legal issues?
Image generated by Dall-E-2 (usable for all legal purposes, including commercial use, as detailed at as of November 14th, 2023).

When talking about AI, there is a well-known paradox that people like to mention. If we have a car that is completely driven by AI, should the AI prioritize our lives higher than the others? Suppose there is a collision with a truck going to happen, if the AI decides to save our lives and suddenly changes direction to avoid the collision, but it causes the car to hit another innocent pedestrian, should we (the owner of the car) be responsible for it or the company who developed this AI driving application?

I’m not a philosopher, I won’t judge what is right or wrong in the above example. However, there is no doubt that people are influenced by these kinds of examples because the media love this type of propaganda related to AI that can attract more traffic. This leads to the phenomenon that the general public usually applies these examples in many different domains without thinking if they are appropriate. Most of the time, it is just because they are not experts in that domain.

For example, if a programmer uses… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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