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10 Top Geolocation Based App Ideas in 2021
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10 Top Geolocation Based App Ideas in 2021

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Sophia Martin

Originally published on Towards AI.

Location is the key to most businesses, and the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot. -Phyllis Schlafly

Agree with it or not, but geolocation is being witnessed in more than 90% of apps that are installed on every smartphone. It is one of the best features that the user can get in today’s innovative technological environment.

And with the introduction of geolocation features in mobile apps, many new doors have been opened for startup and businesses. This mini yet essential feature allows the user to construct amazing experiences with mobile applications.

So Now The Question Is: Can this feature bring smart devices with a change in the whole game 0f future?

Well, there are ways in which this unique technology can move ahead with the popularity of location-based services. Recent research into Geolocation services in the USA shows that one in three adult Americans uses Geolocation services at least once a week. This clearly shows that integration can be superb and fabulous.

Therefore, here are some of the unique location-based apps ideas that we have presented our audience with. These ideas would not only help them to bring that million-dollar idea into reality, but it would also give them a blueprint of the things they want.

Amazing 10 Top Geolocation-Based App Ideas

This feature tends to develop many cool and amazing apps, and in the near future, it would continue to do so. Here are some of the coolest and top location-based apps ideas 2021 that would tell you how far we are down the road, and where all can we go.

1. Fitness Tracking and Health Scaling

A study that was done by NYU Langone Medical Health, 58% of US smartphone owners, tends to download those apps that are associated with health or fitness apps. These location-based fitness and health apps go as far as estimating the speed and the activity just with the help of tracking the live location. The most significant advantage of these location-based apps is that they let the user connect with friends and local communities in live deportment.

For all the sport-lovers, these GPS enabled apps to tend to input data to create and keep track of their walking, cycling, and running trails. Not only the miles, but these apps tend to record other exercises like swimming, dancing, cycling, and many other things. These apps work in a way where they access the phone’s GPS data to track speed, map the routes, or even unite the user with fellow runners in the places that are nearby. Not only tacking, but the app tends to use geolocation in the app that tends to obtain the most imminent fitness studios or personal coaches and even observe local provisions in video streaming fitness apps.

2. Navigation and Mapping for Tourism

This is a huge market opportunity for all location-based apps and location-based app development. When it is paired with AR and all the other apps, wonders tend to happen. For the people who love traveling and seeing new places, they always require some help or an innovative friend that would know about all the sites. Apps like NativeX tend to show some of the best spots in a city that the people are traveling. The location-based apps tend to provide the user with information about the sights and local businesses right on the mobile device.

It encourages tourists to obtain guidance and recommendations about resorts, restaurants, or watchable cities near the chosen locations. The Geolocation settings also allow the apps to present driving directions or notify passengers concerning possible transportation. There are apps such as Airbnb that tends to give the user localization as well as for instructions when trying to find a hotel or any other hosting place.

3. Online Gaming and Augmented Reality

Started from super Mario and here we are.

Then the popularity of the mobile game has been long with people from the time it has come into existence. The massive adoption of Pokemon Go made quite a stir with every individual. There is something really interesting about that game, which helps the user to recreate the world that they are living in and that itself is really exciting. The location feature of this mobile game has earned good popularity. Thus it is quite evident that a game app like this can do wonders in the market.

If the user is thinking of generating an augmented reality game app, then they should consider Geolocation apps to improve the trending game lovers and enthusiasts to avail of the advantages of the feature. Thus, geolocation has to be one of the most advantageous things that are included in the game apps. There are a lot of other examples of these apps, too, that tend to use location. Some of the examples of these apps would include scavenger hunt-type games like scavify.

4. Dating Apps and the Increasing Connectivity

The advantage of this feature has improved the functionality of various dating apps. Creating a dating app like Tinder or Bumble is an excellent and most significant plan, the user can create and construct a dating app by combining the Geolocation feature. They have the authority to add several characteristics like location, distance range, and other things too.

Now there is no need to wait for the right one because these apps tend to make everything easy for you. The best part is that the user can set everything according to their needs and find their true one. The Geolocation system enables the app-designers to combine a distance range into the application as well.

And there is no hidden fact that these apps are doing really well in the market with providing services related to location-based mobile app development. Thus, it would not be a bad idea to construct platforms like these.

5. Safety App and Tracking of the Whereabouts

Safety and tracking the whereabouts of your loved ones: Isn’t this amazing?

Well, it is one of the most famous and top location-based mobile apps ideas 2021


Well, Geo-targeting tends to include the detecting and tracking of a person’s location, and that tends to present them with the communication-based message on their site. Those are the communications that might include things like ads or other such related content. It can be a short email, or it can either be a geo-targeted push notification. Geo-targeted communications are formed with the most precise and standard text or push notifications, and it might also come when they would open a particular app on the social media website. Geo-targeting enables the user to target the users wherever their device would go.

Applications like Road iD, Garmin LiveTrack uses this technology to keep the woman of the neighbourhood safe and sound.

6. Checking on the Weather-related Apps

If you are living in a city that has weather like the moods, then you know what I am talking about. For people like these, smartphones have always been their savior. Weather applications like Weather Underground or Yahoo Weather have always provided the users with data and information on climate and have always been among location-based apps trends.

It is categorized as the third most popular and leading mobile app idea that integrated with the Geolocation system that it further presents the user with an accurate and precise forecast based on the user’s current location. Not only this, but the app tends to prevent the Weather app from representing a broad and comprehensive array of data and improves its performance as well.

7. Locate it via Pictures

Let’s imagine that you saw a picture of a dish that was really tempting and sumptuous. You go online and start looking for the lounges that are nearby, but unfortunately, you are not able to find the desired place.

Well, sometimes, it is really really hard and difficult for the user to find and locate a place even if they have a picture of it. Thus, geolocation has presented them with one of the easiest ways to locate their location by picture through

One of the biggest examples of such apps is HoReCa. This location-based app may be a great tool both for both advertisers as well as visitors.

How does geolocation app work in this category? Well!

Well, the advertisers can utilize the app in order to locate and find photos of happy customers. Not only this, but they may count customers on the basis of gifts from the restaurants and cafes for check-ins like this used to be in Foursquare app. Thus, with the introduction of these apps, the audience has come close to a more evolved future.

8. Building Indoor App

If the mobile app development company thought that geolocation was only limited to outdoor applications that require the user to travel, then you are a bit wrong. It is not limited to outdoor applications. There are apps primarily for hotels, large resorts, and malls that tend to create apps that help visitors and shoppers to navigate around. It may include venue, local bathroom, dining hall, sauna pool area, and many such related things.

This indoor navigation tends to utilize the network that is there for the BLE device (Bluetooth low energy) instead of traditional GPS data. However, the possibilities of such technologies are endless.

Some of the best examples of these apps are Google Indoor Maps and Path Guide. These are the apps that tend to obtain those sensors in the handset and the environment around the user. They then tend to build a map to help the user and help them move to their desired location within the building quickly and efficiently. In short, the app tends to improve the user to find their way in a whole, obscure building.

9. Getting Social Became Easy

You would rarely find a being in today’s technological driven era, not using a social media platform or mobile app development services. People love it, adore it, and cherish it as much as they can.

Reason: They tend to create, share and discuss all the location-based content. To put it in simpler words, Social Media is always in real-time.

One of the most prominent examples of such an app is Instagram. Even though the location-based settings app features are not the focus part of Instagram, but it still is committed to building the best possible user experience. A user has the authority to keep posting about their lives as it happens and then shares it publicly with other users and selected friends.

The app virtually eliminates the need to text or call. Users can set up groups and share different experiences and events, as they occur with specific groups (or not). Similarly, if the user ever organizes a social networking app, it doesn’t involve what the focus part is, the user should always consider combining geolocation pieces.

10. Not Forgetting the E-commerce

The location Based App Development Services feature is again a useful locating app that tends to track and help people to purchase on e-commerce apps. This is the functionality that enables the user to know when the item is getting shipped and when the issue is going to get received.

Not only this, but if there is an e-commerce app that tends to charge extra for the shipping, then they could only calculate and sum up with the help of this geolocation feature.

When it is about the retail and e-commerce management, it tends also tends to track the location of their customers and the audience that offers and provides better-improved services.

There are also retail stores such as Target, IKEA, and Walmart that tend to use geolocation tracking apps to help the customers and the audience locate the nearest stores. Then they tend to deliver it with the help of pickup locations. One of the best parts about Indoor navigation is that geolocation tends to help in beacons technology that then helps in augment in-experience.

So if any user is planning and thinking to create or construct an E-commerce app, then Geolocation based app is the hero for you. All you need is to integrate the geolocation feature to avail of these advantages for both you and your customers.

In The Nutshell

One thing that is clear and evident in the fact that once individuals become familiar with the tasks and the idea that they can adopt too, it becomes effortless for them to know what they want. And with the immense potential with geolocation, mobile market apps are becoming striking unique. To help you with more navigation, route tracking, and the personalized market for products and services, geolocation is the hero of the day. Before you hire mobile app developers, make sure that they are aware of the latest trends.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary details and information on all location-based apps. If the user has any doubts regarding the following topics, then they can write their thoughts on the comment section below. Our experts would answer them and provide essential tips and information.

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