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7 Blockchain Companies To Keep an Eye Out In 2022

7 Blockchain Companies To Keep an Eye Out In 2022

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Tim Cvetko

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In an effort to indulge in the potential of the Trust Protocol, there are some profoundly ingenious ideas and businesses that have found their niche. Let’s take a look!

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The European giant offers an online platform for tokenized real-estate properties. To tokenize an asset, the issuer must create a digital token on a distributed ledger, respectively. Additionally, you could create 1 Milion token all departed from one property, meaning all equity is divided among 1 Milion holder ( similar to stock shares).

Why would you want to do that?

  • it provides investors with a transparent ownership form
  • tokenization offers to match market demand with an investor of any size due to no capacity constraints
  • such solution increases market liquidity, especially in large mutual pools of money, such as hedge funds

Further down the lines of tokenization, Blocksquare utilizes its API to launch investment portfolios for investors. This comes in handy for someone with zero or little coding experience.


Sweetbridge utilizes smart contracts to mint a cryptocurrency that is stable and pegged into a relatable fiat currency based on the collateral of the asset.

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It allows a group of people/investors to establish a blockchain-based supply chain that rewards all its participants and increases their net worth.


You read that correctly. The German car manufacturer is next to adopt this enthralling technology. More precisely, The BMW Group focuses on providing a supply chain of materials and user information in the future. Their cloud solution seems to be manifested in a cloud manner to ensure scalability and transparency.

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The Sandbox Game

The newly created Metaverse has received outermost attention mainly due to its largest promotor: Snoop Dogg. The platform has partnered with astonishing names, such as Adidas, to establish a community where players can monetize digital assets on the blockchain and appear in the game as their own characters.

Their mission is to create a Metaverse for everyone eager to exchange assets in the NFT marketplace, thrive in the massively creative world of virtual reality instead of ossifying in the tediousness.

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This emerging New York startup is working towards enabling trust in the blockchain ecosystem in banks and other government agencies by providing descriptive information and research as to what kind of exposure their clients face along with customer access help.

The Everledger

This UK company’s mission is to deliver transparency to global supply chains that comply with its sustainability policy. They work on improving asset management clarity in several marketplaces. Utilizing blockchain technology, they offer a broader insight into ownership details and asset characteristics.

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HTC Corporation aims to deliver the first blockchain-powered phone.(You can only buy it in cryptocurrency, however). The reason they decided to incorporate blockchain is to improve user assets, deal with user identity and manage to store all payment transactions made by the user to his own personal ledger.

HTC launches its blockchain-focused phone, but you can only buy it in cryptocurrency

HTC’s phone will run on decentralized applications. According to the creators, a Social Key Recovery will be guaranteed in order to restore the user’s access to his profile and assets.


Network openness and transparency have granted access and availability to open the doors of several ideas to kick in. As blockchain prospers, the values of decentralization, equal opportunity, and security will thrive as well.

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