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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Newsletter by Towards AI #15

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Newsletter by Towards AI #15

Last Updated on November 10, 2021 by Editorial Team

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Newsletter by Towards AI #15
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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Newsletter by Towards AI

Author(s): Towards AI Team

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Hey everyone. I hope you are well. In this issue, we dive into the maturation of the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem and its landscape for 2021, updated and curated resources for MLOps, how deep learning is accurately predicting traffic crashes before they occur, a complete data science cheat sheet with resources for stats, probability, ML and more, and some updates from our end.

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You have probably noticed that we have changed the format of the newsletter a bit. We would love to obtain your feedback on whether you like this new format or not and any feedback you have. So please feel free to drop us a note in any case. We’d love to hear from you.

All right, so let’s get to it.

AI Landscape for 2021: It’s been a hot decade for AI. Starting in the early 2010’s we have seen an explosion from startups, academia, and research in creating and progressing new products, projects, and research. In 2021 many thought that we would reach a plateau, but it seems that’s not the case. Matt Turck compiled this exciting “AI landscape” showcasing where we are in 2021 in terms of projects and products (many of them unicorns) that are dominating the AI market.

Awesome MLOps: Larysa Visengeriyeva has compiled an exciting and curated list for MLOps. It contains free talks, papers, books, communities, articles, and more for machine learning operations. The repo has over 30 contributors, and it’s constantly up to date.

Predicting crashes: Thinking about this reminds me of when Eddie Morra (a fictional character in Limitless) predicts a collision before it happens during a conversation (Ok, enough sci-fi, back to AI). Scientists from MIT and QCAI have successfully used deep learning models to predict crashes (or, in more detail, create high crash risk maps).

Data science cheat sheet: This data science cheat sheet is perfect. Maverick Lin compiled it. It contains ten pages full of resources, covering fundamentals, machine learning, probability, programming for DS, statistics, books, courses, and much more.

From our end, we are doing some exciting work to keep our contributors content alive. We have pushed some automation systems to keep relevant technical content constantly shared on our networks, and content that by chance didn’t get many eyes at some point, it’s getting a second, and in some time, a third chance to keep technical people interested.

And it’s working. We have been running the model for a couple of weeks now and have received emails letting us know that the content is important and consistent. Of course, we plan to improve it as we keep learning more from our audience. So stay tuned. Many more changes are coming.

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Thank you! Until next time,

Roberto and the team at Towards AI

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