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Towards AI Announces New Investment to Expand Platform for the AI Community

Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by Editorial Team

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  • Towards AI has grown to over two thousand authors and hundreds of thousands of followers from the AI community since its launch in 2019.
  • The investment will drive an influx of resources to rapidly expand and enhance Towards AI’s user platforms.

Towards AI, a leading online community and platform for content sharing on AI, is announcing new ownership, bringing with it significant new resources and business expertise to bolster the existing platform.

Towards AI has been acquired by Towards AI, Inc., a new AI focussed startup which has assumed the Towards AI name, established by four AI enthusiasts with backgrounds across science, finance, AI content, software engineering and marketing. The company intends to drive financial investment to grow the community, improve content quality and editorial control, build-out educational content and broaden the offer of the business. The acquisition deepens Towards AI’s capabilities to serve AI and technology clients while remaining an essential educational platform for the AI community.

Towards AI, Inc. is led by Louie Peters, Co-founder and CEO. Commenting on the acquisition, he said,

“Artificial Intelligence is going to have a huge impact on human society and will shape every economy in the world. Our goal is to make AI more accessible and to play a role in ensuring that AI benefits everyone. The platform Roberto has built at Toward AI fits perfectly into our mission. We aim to build a community that will democratize access to AI by making it easier to learn AI, build AI tools and benefit from AI as a non-professional. We want to bring all stakeholders in the AI community together and provide a diverse and open platform to share ideas, teach each other and to discuss important issues such as AI ethics and societal impacts.”

Towards AI Co-founder, Roberto Iriondo, who will continue as a shareholder and an Advisor to Towards AI, Inc., said,

“Towards AI was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Machine Learning Department in 2019 with the support of the world-renowned AI experts, Manuela Veloso, Roni Rosenfeld, the advice of the expert on high-tech ventures Stuart Evans, and University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence’s Brent Rondon. Since then the development of and interest in AI has continued to grow exponentially. To build on the success of our platform and grow our community we needed more investment backed by significant strategic business experience. Louie and his co-investors bring an opportunity to enhance the user experience for both readers and contributors and will work with the existing team to drive up standards and the breadth of the platform’s offering.”

Following the recent investment Towards AI has already started to rapidly scale the team and will focus increasingly on community engagement, educational resources and content quality, ethics and transparency. The existing editorial function will be strengthened and the in-house content team expanded while a clear AI ethics policy will be formed for the platform.

The new management will increase manpower and financial resources to focus on growing and improving the platform. Future development could also include new media formats, specialist job boards and educational courses and tools useful to the AI community.

Commenting on priorities for the business, Louie Peters said,

“Working together with an expanded team and increased resources, Towards AI will focus on building an engaged, inclusive and mutually beneficial community of AI enthusiasts and experts. We will now develop Towards AI as the key community and platform for sharing AI skills, knowledge and developments, allowing students, engineers, entrepreneurs, academics and others to work collaboratively to make AI accessible to all.”

About Towards AI, Inc.

Since 2019 Towards AI has provided an open platform for sharing information, educational content and research on AI. It has more than 2,000 authors and benefits from hundreds of thousands of followers in the AI community. The platform is a leading educational resource and community for AI leaders, practitioners and students. Towards AI strives to publish unbiased AI and technology-related articles and to work only with sponsors on highly relevant content and in a transparent manner. Towards AI offers a unique space to service AI and technology clients with their marketing and distribution efforts and has worked with leading corporate and institutional sponsors, including Amazon Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Snorkel AI, Lambda Labs, Superb AI and Gather AI.

Towards AI, Inc. is newly incorporated in Delaware, US. It was established for the purposes of the acquisition and investment into Towards AI and the build-out of new startup ideas. Towards AI, Inc. has acquired the assets of Towards AI Co, spun out of Carnegie Mellon in 2019 and wholly-owned by Roberto Iriondo.

Louie Peters
Towards AI
[email protected]

Press release distributed by Towards AI, Inc. on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

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