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How Gather AI’s Automated Inventory Management System Helps Businesses

How Gather AI’s Automated Inventory Management System Helps Businesses

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Gather AI is building the world’s first large-scale and truly autonomous inventory management system — so much that small to large organizations can’t imagine going back to old inventory management methods, saving businesses 15–30x in costs and resources

How Gather AI’s Automated Inventory Management System Helps Businesses
Source: Gather AI

Pittsburgh, PA—March 29, 2022: Gather AI, the first truly automated inventory management system that brings near-real-time visibility to warehousing operations, has positively impacted many customers. From retailers having inventory visibility to their whole network without traveling to each site to finding inventory in the dark corners of their distribution centers (DCs). Small-size physical stores all the way to multinational corporations like Walmart and Amazon depend on reliable and accurate inventory management software systems, as these are needed everywhere, and with even more challenging tasks at large-scale retailers, such as the warehouses from the biggest retailers in the Fortune 500. But, even with inventory management software, large organizations still rely on people on forklifts with barcode readers to perform cycle counts, from a significant amount of employees to costly machinery to properly manage large-scale inventories, such as those found in retail, third-party logistics, food distribution, and warehouses in air cargo industries. Most importantly, the visibility of what’s sitting on the DC floor is delayed by 3-4 months.

“We have found $156k of missing inventory in the first 60 days.”
– Director of Supply Chain at one of the largest government retailers in the US

Source: Gather AI

To solve this significant problem, Gather AI is building the world’s first truly autonomous inventory management platform, freeing logistic-driven organizations from inefficient and manual tasks through intelligent and robust automation. Their enterprise-ready platform provides an up-to-date view of physical inventory and assets, both indoors and out, so companies can make the best decisions in their day-to-day operations.

“With the drone, we are shifting some tasks in terms of counting the goods, detecting damages, from the warehouse to the office; where actually from a safety point of view, we avoid our people in the warehouse,” said Guillaume Crozier, SVP Cargo UAE of dnata. This statement dramatically highlights how Gather AI’s inventory management system platform has become an essential part of the safety and efficiency of its customers’ warehousing operations.

“The savings we see using Gather’s drone technology, even just within our own ICQA team… as an example, we’re conducting an ROI on a single footwear and apparel account, and for that account alone, we’re projecting an annualized $70-80k savings just for our ICQA resources…in having to count and resolve variances, and that doesn’t even speak to productivity increases and labor savings,” said James Rapoza, VP Business Process Optimization of Barrett Distribution.

“Well, the information that we can obtain from the drone, we can download that into our cargo management system, and it will take those dimensions into play, and it will actually build a ULD (unit load device)… I think in the future, it’s going to become a tool everybody wants to use,” said Kerry Galegher, SVP Cargo of dnata.

Source: Gather AI

About Gather AI

Gather AI is enabling organizations to significantly reduce costs and speed the inventory management process with their enterprise-ready platform and quickly provide an up-to-date view of physical inventory and assets, both indoors and outdoors, so companies, from small to large scale, can make the best decisions on their day-to-day inventory management operations. Gather AI was founded at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science in 2017 by Co-founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Maturana, Co-founder and CEO Dr. Sankalp Arora, and Co-founder and Chief Systems Officer Geetesh Dubey, and is backed by over $7M in seed funding from Xplorer Capital, XRC, Expa, Dundee, and others, the company is based in Pittsburgh.

Is your company in need of an automated inventory management system and ready to step into the future? Request a demo and see how one of America’s most promising AI companies can help you automate your inventory management needs. For more information, visit gather.ai and follow Gather AI on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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Gather AI
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Press release distributed by Towards AI, Inc. on behalf of Gather AI, Inc., on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

Source: Gather AI

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