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Gather AI Is Scaling Rapidly: 8x Pallets Scanned in Q1 2022 Than All of 2021

Gather AI Is Scaling Rapidly: 8x Pallets Scanned in Q1 2022 Than All of 2021

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Editorial Team

Gather AI is building the world’s first large-scale and truly autonomous warehouse inventory management software — it has rapidly scaled the rollout of its technology, with over 50,000 pallets scanned by their drones in Q1 2022

Source: Gather AI

Pittsburgh, PA — March 30, 2022: As quarter 1 of 2022 draws to a close, Gather AI is celebrating a milestone of 52,000 pallets scanned by its autonomous inventory solution since January 1. The company has scanned 200% more pallet locations in one quarter than the whole year of 2021, reflecting the company’s rapid scaling. Gather AI provides customers with a near-real-time view of warehouse facilities and inventory data with scalable autonomous drone fleets. Gather AI’s software controls drone fleets to collect inventory data, and its ML-assisted platform analyzes the data with over 95.5% accuracy. The rollout of the technology has accelerated in 2022 with 1,307 flights through to March 2022, up ~500% on an average monthly basis relative to the 870 flights performed in the whole of 2021. The system uses robust commercial off-the-shelf drones and requires no active infrastructure, meaning scalability avoids bottlenecks by the requirements for complex custom equipment.

The drones are remarkably efficient; while most of Gather AI’s customers opt to engage a fleet of drones, a single drone can still cover a 600,000 square feet facility. Even more exciting, the technology can digitize an entire warehouse, enable virtual walkthroughs and perform thermal mapping with precise temperature readings. Its autonomous system can capture many barcodes simultaneously from multiple viewpoints and will soon be able to take inputs from other sources such as stationary cameras or cameras on forklifts. Gather AI’s autonomous inventory management software can scan at the rate of 1000 pallets/hour with three drones deployed, relative to a traditional process that would take two employees at least one shift. This contributes to 30 times lower costs in warehouse inventory management compared to conventional methods. The data gathering agent is currently being deployed in indoor warehouse settings — Gather AI is hard at work adapting the technology for use in outdoor yard inventory environments, expected to be rolled out later this year.

Source: Gather AI

The founding team has leveraged their combined 35+ years of experience at the convergence of computer vision, machine learning, and robotics to build a state-of-the-art ML warehouse inventory management platform that enables data gathering and analysis to happen in real-time. Gather AI’s ML engine analyzes a rich dataset on each mission, and it has the ability to read text — not just barcodes, count cases, detect empty locations and collect volumetric data. Gather AI also started to offer insight into TiHi in 2021. The influx of data from the increasing number/pace of drone flights has enabled the machine vision to achieve a level of maturity in which the average barcode read rate reached 93%, and the average accuracy in empty bin classification achieved 98% as of March 2022.

About Gather AI

Gather AI is enabling organizations to significantly reduce costs and speed the inventory management process with their enterprise-ready platform and quickly provide an up-to-date view of physical inventory and assets, both indoors and outdoors, so companies, from small to large scale, can make the best decisions on their day-to-day inventory management operations. Gather AI was founded at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 2017 by Co-founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Maturana, Co-founder and Chief Robotics Engineer Dr. Sankalp Arora, and Co-founder and Chief Systems Officer Geetesh Dubey, and is backed by over $7M in seed funding from Xplorer Capital, XRC, Expa, Dundee, and others. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and its team of 26 engineers and operations professionals draws on their combined 160+ years of combined engineering experience to build the world’s first autonomous inventory management platform for modern warehouses. Is your career ready for liftoff? Check out Gather AI’s careers page to explore open opportunities!

Is your company in need of an automated inventory management system and ready to step into the future? Request a demo and see how one of America’s most promising AI companies can help you automate your inventory management needs. For more information, visit and follow Gather AI on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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Gather AI
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Press release distributed by Towards AI, Inc. on behalf of Gather AI, Inc., on Tuesday, March 30, 2022.

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