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Envisioning the Future Beyond Indoor Warehouse Inventory Monitoring With Gather AI

Envisioning the Future Beyond Indoor Warehouse Inventory Monitoring With Gather AI

Last Updated on April 25, 2022 by Editorial Team

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Pittsburgh, PA — April 14, 2022: Gather AI has established itself as the leader in indoor inventory monitoring via autonomous drones. It has ambitions to expand its data-gathering services to yards and to other platforms like cameras and forklifts to become the default data gathering engine for logistics facilities.

From its origins as a Carnegie Mellon University startup built upon the founders’ award-winning research for the world’s first full-scale autonomous helicopter, The company has grown its team to 26 and begun its expansion into international markets (and was recently featured in a primetime story for Dubai News). The company’s fleet of drones powered by its proprietary Autonomy and Machine Learning platform has become a fixture in their customers’ warehouses: Gather drones covered more than 50,000 pallet locations in Q1 2022, at an increase of over 500% average monthly pallets scan-rate compared to last year. See “Gather AI Is Scaling Rapidly: 8x Pallets Scanned in Q1 2022 Than All of 2021”.

Source: Gather AI

The company is now hyperscaling in the warehouse settings — having successfully implemented solutions in various industries, including retail, third-party logistics, food distribution, and air cargo. Gather is developing external-facing APIs for its state-of-the-art ML-based inference engine. The APIs will enable the inference engine to collect inventory data from mounted cameras on autonomous forklifts, AS/RS systems, and driven automated lifting devices that are already in place in warehouses today while normal operations continue uninterrupted. The company’s drones are also preparing to explore outdoor environments, as work on yard inventory monitoring is already underway and is expected to become available to alpha-customers soon.

“Our mission is to empower our customers with near-real-time visibility into their operations. We are starting with monitoring inventory for distribution centers using autonomous drones and expanding outwards.”

– Sankalp Arora, Co-founder

Real-time visibility in the supply-chain industry is essential now. The shock of the Covid-19 pandemic illuminated the fragility of global supply chains. Since September 2020, Gather AI drones have enabled clients to keep their employees safe from the ongoing threat of disease transmission while continuing operations in the face of labor shortages. The pandemic dovetailed with the accelerating rise of e-commerce to push consumer habits towards ever-faster sales cycles. Gather AI is helping its customers meet the e-commerce demand by having accurate inventory data to draw from when filling orders.

“For Gather, drones are the first step for our customers. We are dedicated to bringing the capabilities of computer vision and machine learning to the world of inventory and logistics. Our promise is to bring traceability and accuracy from AI to the physical world.”

– Sean Mitchell, Head of Customer Success

Source: Gather AI

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About Gather AI

Gather AI is enabling organizations to significantly reduce costs and speed the inventory management process with their enterprise-ready platform and quickly provide an up-to-date view of physical inventory and assets, both indoors and outdoors, so companies, from small to large scale, can make the best decisions on their day-to-day inventory management operations. Gather AI was founded at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 2017 by Co-founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Maturana, Co-founder and Chief Robotics Engineer Dr. Sankalp Arora, and Co-founder and Chief Systems Officer Geetesh Dubey, and is backed by over $7.5M in seed funding from Xplorer Capital, XRC, Expa, Dundee, and others. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and its team of 26 engineers and operations professionals draws on their engineering research background to build the world’s first autonomous inventory management platform for modern warehouses. Is your company in need of an automated inventory management system and ready to step into the future? Request a demo and see how one of America’s most promising AI companies can help you automate your inventory management needs. For more information, visit and follow Gather AI on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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