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Will ChatGPT replace Data Scientist???
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Will ChatGPT replace Data Scientist???

Last Updated on July 17, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Himanshu Joshi

Originally published on Towards AI.

Nowadays, there has been a growing concern that Chat GPT could lead to widespread job displacement, with it replacing human workers in many industries. While it is true that Chat GPT has the potential to automate many tasks that humans currently perform, will it will completely replace human workers in the near future?

And an even more daunting question is, will Chat GPT replace roles (Data Scientists/ Machine Learning Engineers/ AI Engineers) that have helped build Chat GPT itself?

Before we try to ask Chat GPT if this is possible, let us understand what Chat GPT actually is:

Chat GPT is a language model created by Open AI.

Language models use various statistical and probabilistic techniques to determine the probability of a given sequence of words occurring in a sentence. Language models analyze bodies of text data to provide a basis for their word predictions. It is the reason that machines can understand qualitative information.

Now, this is just a simple explanation. The model built by Open AI is a state-of-the-art, world-class language model.

Before we ask ChatGPT, I will tell you what I think and will try to explain my thought process

When I first read an article on AI some 10–15 years back, the author spoke about the evolution of AI.

He explained this as the path for AI’s rise

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Intelligence:-

This is where we are right now. Artificial intelligence is one that focuses primarily on one single narrow task with a limited range of abilities.

Artificial General Intelligence:-

AGI is the phase where AI would be able to carry out tasks from different aspects of life.

Ex:- We as humans are multi-talented; we can sing, dance, read, write, etc…

Basically, we can perform various tasks that are not limited to one field or aspect of life.

So AGI would be on the level of a human mind. Due to this fact, I feel we are still far away from reaching AGI, as we still don’t know all there is to know about the human brain itself.

Forget recreating an AGI similar to human capability at this current point.

Artificial Super Intelligence:-

ASI — Now, this is scary stuff.

ASI refers to AI technology that will match and then surpass the human mind. To be classed as an ASI, the technology would have to be more capable than a human in every single way possible. Not only could these AI things carry out tasks, but they would even be capable of having emotions and relationships.

Let me warn you here. The first time I read articles on ASI some 10–15 years ago, those articles mentioned that we wouldn't even understand what ASI is trying to do.

The human brain would be like an ants brain when compared to ASI’s.

It wouldn't stop here, ASI’s intelligence will grow leaps and bounds as they keep updating themselves.

Photo by Becky Fantham on Unsplash

I felt like, what is the use of me studying/working etc… Kind of like I lost my willingness to live.

It took me some days to come out of that phase. The estimates in those articles were such that we would have reached AGI by 2020 & by 2025, or max by 2030 we would reach ASI.

Scary right? It would be an existential crisis, isn't it?

But here we were in 2022, still wondering if Chat GPT would take our jobs???

Now I am a Data Scientist, I myself have used chat GPT to write code and lots of other stuff.

What Chat GPT does is gives you an answer to a specific question we have asked.

That is, it can perform a task not a narrow one but just one task of question-answering.

We still need humans to ask the right questions, for ideation, to make decisions, etc…

Don’t Trust me Still??

Let's hear it from the horse's mouth, then, shall we??

This is what Chat GPT says.

Long answer short —AI models like Chat GPT can be a valuable tool for data scientists, but they cannot replace the important role that data scientists play in various industries.

This is true for most of the roles. I don't think Chat GPT will replace all the roles, but yes, using Chat GPT and many new versions of such tools, Roles will require humans to learn to collaborate with Technology to adapt better and optimize our work or Life, for that matter.

Here is a fun video from AiyooShraddha that has become viral.

Quoting her here

“AI cannot take away human paranoia and human curiosity, AI can only do things that humans have been doing.

Only humans can do what no human has ever done before”

I really feel Technology will always be an enabler, not a replacer

Hope you liked this article.

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Published via Towards AI

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