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Why and What is Feature Engineering in ML?
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Why and What is Feature Engineering in ML?

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Amit Chauhan

Originally published on Towards AI.

Data transformation and selection for machine learning
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It is a process of feature transformation and selection or extraction to make the improved data for a machine learning model. It depends on the data science person to handle and improve the data that to get a good model. Different people can have different approaches but almost everyone goes through feature engineering techniques. In this article, we will discuss different techniques in feature engineering.

Feature engineering consists of four parts:

Feature TransformationFeature ConstructionFeature SelectionFeature Extraction

This Part-1 article will discuss Feature Transformation and its different techniques.

Feature Transformation

The methods and techniques are the most used approach to do data… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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