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Top 3 Online AI Certification Programs To Boost Your Career In 2023
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Top 3 Online AI Certification Programs To Boost Your Career In 2023

Last Updated on April 1, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Jennifer Wales


Originally published on Towards AI.

Power up your AI consultant role with the most trusted Artificial Intelligence Certification programs from around the world. Take home a fat pay cheque with the best AI skillsets to flaunt today.

Artificial Intelligence is not just the battlefield, it is the root of conventional technical combat. Not only has the landscape diversified, but Artificial Intelligence has also taken over many other lookalikes of meaner tech advancements. We cannot deny the fact that lives today are powered by Artificial intelligence in ways more than one. This has called for an urgent demand for a specialized AI talent pool that could leverage the highest possible returns.

Industries across global sectors have experienced a paradigm shift in the way we do business today. Consumerism going virtual has taken over social platforms to reflect their choices. Making technology a household name, Artificial intelligence has played its bit way too seriously. AI is the future and beyond!

Having said that, the positives and negatives of AI take over the scene. Becoming a coveted ????AI consultant is a dream career role for many today. Dreams work for those, who work towards their dreams- Isn’t it? So, allow us to assist you in building a career that lasts a lifetime with ever-new role advancements over time.

Looking at the future popular career roles on offer, AI professionals are at the top of the charts, soaring at demand levels that are required to fill in over 97 million jobs by the year 2025 (as per Forbes excerpts). Isn’t that a massive number to secure one seat with the best and the most competent credentials on offer?

Building it smart is the way ahead! If critical thinking, problem-solving, mathematics aficionado, tech fanatic, and many such adjectives reflect on your portfolio description- You are destined to do Artificial Intelligence.

As per the recent updates by PWC, AI is expected to contribute around USD 15.7 trillion to the global economy by the year 2030. This calls for a quick disclosure of the most sought-after certifications in AI that will put your AI career on a blazing track.

Here are some of the top AI certifications that would lead your way toward a flourishing career in AI:

1. Designing and Building AI Products and Services- MIT xPRO

Getting introduced to AI the MIT way is one of the wisest decisions you as an AI aspirant could make. The program is not only the most popular, but it also caters to a wide variety of skills on offer and allows you an opportunity to enroll yourself as a team as well.

What makes us a quick pick?

· Online program

· Streamed for 8 weeks

· Dedicated 6 hours per week only

· Cost- USD 2950 (10% with a referral)

· Builds the foundation

· Expands your AI knowledge

· Ample space to apply your learnings

· Merit Certificate

· MIT Faculty and guest speakers

????Register now:

2. Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™)- USAII™

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™), is a brand that is much loved and trusted by a majority of global AI aspirant members. Enrolling in the Certified Artificial Intelligence consultant (CAIC™) course is your first valid step into the world of AI with a bang.

What makes us a quick pick?

· Self-paced

· Online program

· Anytime Anywhere Assistance

· Streamed for 4–25 weeks (your preference)

· 8–10 hours per week

· Flexi-payment options

· Cost- USD 787 (all inclusive) (Big saver on the pocket with Speedster Discount)

· Cross-platform certification program

· Real-world workshop-based eLearning sessions

· HD videos with practice codes and personalized study books

· Shareable Digital Badge (Lifetime)

· Merit Certificate

· Dedicated program support team

· World-renowned Industrial faculty and guest speakers

· 1-on-1 career counseling

· CV editing sessions & aligning job interviews

· AI-business leadership skills, business tools, ML for business functions, AI applications, Robotics, Analytics Team management, AI and data economics, and future AI trends on the widest curriculum spectrum

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3. Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms- Carnegie Mellon University

Advance your AI-ML skillset with Carnegie Mellon University’s offering with a certification that allows you to venture into the world of AI with finer skills.

What makes us a quick pick?

· Online program

· 10-week long

· 5–10 hours per week

· Binary logistic regression, K-nearest neighbor, decision trees, Regularization, Neural networks, Linear regression, and much more on offer

· Carnegie Mellon Faculty

· Merit Certificate

????Register now:

Although, tackling the overwhelming competitive streak is a far cry for aspirants not embarked upon one of these popularly trusted global AI certifications. Investing your time and honing your skillsets with the best ????Artificial Intelligence certification programs is the key to unlocking a pathway to an AI world career. Gear up to take home an annual package of around USD 120,000 (USA average) for a rewarding Consultancy career in AI.

Begin with the best names in the AI credentials arena and book your hard-earned spot in the next AI consultancy role today!


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