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Top 10 Generative AI Companies Revealed
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Top 10 Generative AI Companies Revealed

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Jennifer Wales

Originally published on Towards AI.

Get a closer view of the top generative AI companies making waves in 2024. They are soaring with career opportunities for certified AI professionals with the best AI certification programs. Open wider doors to top AI jobs now!

Generative Artificial Intelligence is guiding the forward for businesses worldwide. It is time global tech giants and individuals at large understood the power that Generative AI brings along. Generative AI companies are coming to the fore with astounding revelations that the industry is experiencing.

The Global Generative AI market is projected to reach USD 66.62 billion mark by this year’s end (Statista). This is a great pool of opportunity for AI aspirants and AI Leaders to explore breakthrough advances this year onward. Generative AI, being an excellent successor of Artificial Intelligence, has made its presence felt with ever-amazing explorations. Let us understand what is the potential of Generative AI in the future with global tech giants leading the way.

How Generative AI is deployed across Businesses?

· Code generation

· Product development

· Graphic design and video creation

· Hyper-personalized communication

· Streamlined content creation

· Automated project management tasks

· Enhanced business and employee management

· 24/7 inquiry handling

· Heightened customer support and service

· Fraud detection and risk management

· Generating synthetic data for training and testing

Top 10 Generative AI Companies for 2024:

1. PwC

👉Industry domain: AI, Professional services, Business intelligence, Consulting, Cybersecurity, Generative AI

👉Location: 73 offices

👉Year founded: 1998

👉Programming Languages Deployed: Java, Google Cloud, Microsoft SQL, jQuery, Pandas, R, Oracle

👉Benefits: Hybrid workspace, Child care and parental leave, flexible work culture, diversity, financial and retirement, health and wellness benefits, office perks, professional development, vacation, and time off benefits

2. Intelligent Medical Objects

👉Industry domain: AI, Health Tech, IT, NLP, Software, Analytics, Generative AI

👉Location: 3 offices

👉Year founded: 1994

👉Programming languages deployed: Angular, C#, SQL, Scikit, TensorFlow, Spark, GitHub, R, Python

👉Benefits: Flexible time off, family medical leave, pet insurance, job training and conferences, mental health benefits, open office floor policy

3. OpenAI

👉Industry domain: AI technologies, Machine learning, deep learning, Reinforcement learning, NLP

👉Location: Headquartered in San Francisco, USA

👉Year founded: 2015

👉Key products developed: GPT 4, Chat GPT, DALL-E 3, Sora

👉Benefits: Adequately funded and innovative company, general availability of APIs and fine-tuning models, usage-based pricing options, GPT store, Chat GPT customization

4. Microsoft

👉Industry domain: Windows and Windows Live Division, Server and Tools, Online Services Division, Microsoft Business Division, entertainment, and Devices division

👉Location: Across 190 countries

👉Year founded: 1975

👉Key Products developed: Microsoft Copilot, Copilot Studio, Copilot in Bing, Copilot for MS 365, GitHub Copilot

👉Benefits: Smooth generative AI integration with MS products, partnership with OpenAI

5. Alphabet (Google)

👉Industry domain: Communication services

👉Location: Over 200 cities worldwide

👉Year founded: 1998

👉Key Products developed: Gemini, Vertex AI, Gemini for Google Workspace

👉Benefits: Integration with Google Search and apps, Comprehensive quality management features

6. Amazon (AWS)

👉Industry domain: Online retail and web services provider

👉Location: Over 175 Amazon fulfillment centers globally

👉Year founded: 1994

👉Key Products developed: Amazon Bedrock, Q, Code Whisperer, Sage Maker

👉Benefits: Fully managed generative AI service options, AWS free tier for experimentation

7. Unlearn.AI

👉Industry domain: AI, Health Tech, Generative AI

👉Location: 2 offices

👉Year founded: 2017

👉Programming languages deployed: CircleCI, GraphQL, Jupyter, NoSQL, Node.js, Java, C++, AWS, CSS, Pandas

👉Benefits: Hybrid work model, vision insurance, virtual coaching services, promotions within the organization, relocation assistance, quarterly engagement surveys

8. Grammarly

👉Industry domain: AI, IT, ML, NLP, Productivity, Software, Generative AI

👉Location: 2 offices

👉Year founded: 2009

👉Programming languages deployed: PyTorch, RxJava2, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, React, C++, Python, JavaScript

Benefits: Paid holidays and sick leaves, company equity, parental and childcare benefits, flexible spending account, dedicated diversity and inclusion staff, job training


👉Industry domain: Computer hardware and software, cloud computing, semiconductors, AI, GPUs, graphics cards, consumer electronics, video games

👉Location: 67 offices

👉Year founded: 1993

👉Key products developed: NVIDIA AI, NeMo, BioNeMo, Picasso, Launch Pad, GeForce RTX GPUs, various chips, and GPUs

👉Benefits: Leading producer of GPUs and computer resources for generative AI; frequent innovations in GPU, hardware, and software solutions, free hands-on lab environment

10. Cohere

👉Industry domain: AI, Industry-leading large language models, customized RAG capabilities

👉Location: 4 offices

👉Year founded: 2019

👉Key products developed: Command, Embed, Chat, Generate, Semantic Search, Rerank

👉Benefits: Cohere Playground is available for model and parameter testing; and easy-to-use APIs, default and fine-tuning model, documentation, and QuickStart guides

Jasper, Glean, Hugging Face, and many other giant players are racing against this Generative AI regime with ever-nuanced platforms and strategies revealed over time.

Career in Artificial Intelligence:

Understanding what it takes to get into a career in AI; is critical to mastering the nuances of GenAI. This is made an easy-peasy task with top generative AI certifications being offered worldwide. highlights that the AI, oil, and gas sectors have posted over 20% hiring growth in February 2024. This demand for certified AI professionals is going to soar even further. This is where one must enroll with the most trusted AI certification programs that can empower you with the most in-demand skillsets for global recruiters. Begin strong as you proceed on the path of building a career trajectory that lasts a lifetime with high progression statistics.

Adding to the above, Glassdoor reflects the average annual salary for an AI professional to be USD 166,826. This is enough reason to grab the most coveted AI jobs in the world today. Work your way up the ladder with the best AI certification providers around the world.

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