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The Ethical ChatGPT User
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The Ethical ChatGPT User

Last Updated on November 5, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Don Kaluarachchi

Originally published on Towards AI.

A guide to responsible AI usage
Image by Don Kaluarachchi (author)

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it is essential that we use these technologies responsibly.

ChatGPT is no exception. While much has been said about the ethics of AI development — this article zeroes in on the ethical responsibilities of ChatGPT users.

We will look into avoiding harmful content, fostering respectful interactions, and championing ethical AI use within our online communities.

The first step in becoming an ethical ChatGPT user is to be vigilant about the content you generate or request from the AI.

Remember that ChatGPT learns from the data it… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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