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Succeed on LinkedIn with 2020 and 2021 top voice Greg Coquillo
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Succeed on LinkedIn with 2020 and 2021 top voice Greg Coquillo

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Louis Bouchard

Originally published on Towards AI.

Episode 24 of the What’s AI Podcast

I had a fascinating conversation with Greg Coquillo, a recognized LinkedIn top voice, senior product manager, and investor in AI startups. I surely took this opportunity to dive into the crucial aspects of startup success and investment strategies. My discussion with Greg provided profound insights into the startup and investment landscape, particularly in the AI sector.

Greg, with his extensive background in industrial engineering and his passion for AI and technology, shared his journey and experiences. He emphasized the importance of understanding the problem space, knowing the customer, evaluating the market opportunity, assessing the competitive landscape, and ensuring the right team composition. His approach to investment goes beyond mere financial involvement; it’s about dedicating time and expertise to help startups grow, so he is highly invested (pun intended) in picking the right companies.

During our conversation, I explored why Greg chooses to invest in AI startups rather than opting for more traditional investment routes like public companies. His response highlighted his focus on potential high rewards and his personal interest in the AI field. He also stressed the significance of understanding one’s risk tolerance and the need for balancing different investment types, including stocks, ETFs, and startups.

We also discussed the common challenges… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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