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Parameter Efficient Fine Tuning (PEFT), Inference, and Evaluation of LLM model using LoRA
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Parameter Efficient Fine Tuning (PEFT), Inference, and Evaluation of LLM model using LoRA

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Steve George

Originally published on Towards AI.

LLM has been able to solve a lot of real world problems which includes sentimental analysis, classification, summarization, chatbot and many more. However these models needs to be retrained based on the use-case to improve the model accuracy.

Below are the problems of fine-tuning a modela. Compute: To train a large LLM model, a huge compute is required, as the number of weights are significantly on the higher side.b. Fine-tuned model size: The fine-tuned model size gets larger and larger as we keep training.c. Cost: The above factors, in turn, will increase the cost of managing the model.

Note: Catastrophic Forgetting is a problem faced by many models. Suppose a model is trained on task A and is currently being training on task B, there is a possibility where the model forgets how to perform on task A. This is because the model weights gets updated while training on task B, resulting in poor performance. Fine-tuning of the model may cause Catastrophic Forgetting.

PEFT fine-tunes a small number of model parameters while freezing most parameters of the LLM model. By doing so, we can have the following;a. Reduce cost and storageb. Improve development speedc. Reduce the probability of Catastrophic Forgetting

PEFT Training

In PEFT, lets… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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