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Originality on Trial: AI’s Challenge to Creative Ownership
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Originality on Trial: AI’s Challenge to Creative Ownership

Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Pranath Fernando | AI Consultant

Originally published on Towards AI.

Do you feel outraged over AI stealing artist’s work? Or could this be a tragic misunderstanding?
Photo by Chris Sansbury on Unsplash

How would you feel if someone stole something really valuable to you and then, even worse, sold it on, pretending it was theirs? Profiting from their crime.

I would be pretty outraged! I imagine you would be, too.

Some creatives and artists are feeling very angry right now about AI because they feel it’s stealing their work to generate the words, text, and images that it creates.

But what if, these artists and creatives are making a terrible mistake?

Do you understand how AI works? Do they?

Have you ever considered what it really means to be original? to own something? Or to have creative ownership of something?

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Having given this some thought, I’m now not so sure if you look at these ideas more carefully, being ‘original’ or having ‘creative ownership’ is quite so simple.

And I also believe when you look at these claims a bit more closely…

You might find, that some creatives are making an absolutely tragic mistake here in their understanding of these concepts and their own originality…

In July, comedian Sarah Silverman and other artists sued Meta and Open AI over claims of copyright infringement by their AI models Llama 2 & ChatGPT.

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