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NLP News Cypher | 06.07.20
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NLP News Cypher | 06.07.20

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Ricky Costa

Originally published on Towards AI.

Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash


NLP News Cypher U+007C 06.07.20


On the North Dakota Canadian border, therein lies a pyramid…


A cold war relic, symbolizing the drastic measures taken to track incoming ICBMs from our neighbors across the Pacific.

They call it the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex, or as Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it: “home”. And it was decommissioned after several months post-construction, deemed ineffective. Sometimes, your apps just don’t get to go to production.

In other news, this past week we released an update for the Super Duper NLP Repo. We added 41 new notebooks bringing us to 181 total! Thank you to David Talby and Manu Romero for contributing! If you have an awesome NLP notebook to share, please contact us.

This Week:

GPT-2 Lyrics Aftermath

Bulletpoints Demo

This Word Does Not Exist


TensorFlow TTS


AI Training Costs

Dataset of the Week: InfoTabs

GPT-2 Lyrics Aftermath

Not sure if there has ever been a survey fielded to understand the quality of text generation from GPT-3s little bro: GPT-2. TickPick surveyed 1,003 respondents to find out how much humans enjoyed text generated lyrics and how it benchmarked against real-human lyrics.

Top AI lyric:

“I got my rig in the back of my Beemer. Professional when I graze, I’m professional when I argue. 40 glass, I’m laughing at that s***, I’ma be roaring at that s***.” U+1F91FU+1F91F

They provide more AI-generated lyrics by genre as well:

TickPick U+007C Ai Drops an Album

1,000 Fans Rate and Review AI-Generated Music for the World's Most Popular Genre.

Bulletpoints Demo

HAIMKE is an awesome text generation model. It allows you to generate text from bulletpoints. What’s even cooler is that they can interweave these statements throughout the generated text. You can give it a drive here:

Write with HAIMKE

HAIMKE is a language model that generates synthetic documents from human-written bullet points. It is designed to…

This Word Does Not Exist

Continuing with the GPT-2 theme, check out this repo where you can use a text generation model for creating definitions and words that don’t exist (in a similar structure found in your Merriam-Webster). They provide saved weights for inference and the ability to train your own model if you wish.



This is a project allows people to train a variant of GPT-2 that makes up words, definitions and examples from scratch.

Here’s their Twitter bot.


When you are not using matplotlib for your visualizations, try out Altair. The API has a clean and simple syntax. (it’s a declarative library U+1F648)


altair-viz/altair Altair is a declarative statistical visualization library for Python. With Altair, you can…

Gallery of Visuals:

Example Gallery – Altair 4.1.0 documentation

Bar Chart with Highlighted Segment Becker's Barley Trellis Plot (wrapped facet) Binned Heatmap Box Plot with Min/Max…

TensorFlow TTS

Hey, now speech synthesis is at your fingertips. Dathudeptrai releases an awesome library and it seems it was built for production:

“we can speed-up training/inference progress, optimizer further by using fake-quantize aware and pruning, … and be able to deploy on mobile devices or embedded systems.”

The library allows you to use several different models:

  1. MelGAN released with the paper MelGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Conditional Waveform Synthesis
  2. Tacotron-2 released with the paper Natural TTS Synthesis by Conditioning WaveNet on Mel Spectrogram Predictions
  3. FastSpeech released with the paper FastSpeech: Fast, Robust and Controllable Text to Speech
  4. Multi-band MelGAN released with the paper: Multi-band MelGAN: Faster Waveform Generation for High-Quality Text-to-Speech



U+1F60B TensorflowTTS Real-Time State-of-the-art Speech Synthesis for Tensorflow 2 U+1F92A TensorflowTTS provides real-time…


DeepMind released new lectures on YouTube, and as of today, six of them are up with at least six more on the way! For NLP folks, lecture 6 on recurrent networks is the one for you:

AI Training Costs

An ARK Invest analyst is saying that by Dec 2020, the cost to train a neural network on ResNet50 will be less than $1. Apparently the “cost to train an artificial intelligence (AI) system is improving at 50x the pace of Moore’s Law.”

My bank account says otherwise. U+1F601

Something to chew on U+1F447

AI Training Costs Are Improving at 50x the Speed of Moore's Law

The cost to train an artificial intelligence (AI) system is improving at 50x the pace of Moore's Law. For many use…

Dataset of the Week: InfoTabs

What is it?

Dataset contains human-written textual hypotheses based on premises that are tables extracted from Wikipedia info-boxes.


Where is it?


Understanding ubiquitous semi-structured tabulated data requires not only comprehending the meaning of text fragments…

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