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Mistral Large and GPT-4 Comparative Usage Test
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Mistral Large and GPT-4 Comparative Usage Test

Author(s): Meng Li

Originally published on Towards AI.

Recently, Mistral launched a new large model named Mistral Large.

This model is ranked second globally, only behind the well-known GPT-4, and now you can easily access it via API.

Mistral Large is made available through the La Plateforme platform and has also been deployed on Azure, marking its first distribution partnership.

How does the Mistral Large model stand out in its features?

How does Mistral Large compare to GPT-4?

Let’s delve into this together.

Mistral Large has been making waves recently, boasting several impressive capabilities.

Firstly, the model supports five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Moreover, it’s not just capable of translating; it can also comprehend the grammar and cultural nuances of these languages, which is quite remarkable.

Additionally, it has a strong memory capability.

With a 32K token context window, it can easily extract the information you need from extensive documents.

Furthermore, Mistral Large is very practical for developers.

It allows for the design of management strategies tailored to developers’ needs, making it easy for us to manage le Chat.

However, what I find most intriguing is its ability to perform function calls.

This feature, combined with the constrained output modes on La Plateforme, enables it to support larger-scale application development and technological updates.

I conducted tests on the large models… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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