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Microsoft Designer Dall-E Powered Designer
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Microsoft Designer Dall-E Powered Designer

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Sarper Makas

Originally published on Towards AI.

Design in Seconds

Microsoft Designer Dall-e Powered Designer

Unsure of how to effortlessly create content for your social media account? But want to create thumbnails, images, covers, and more in seconds. You are in the right place. Microsoft Designer is a Dall-E powered designer. You can use it for free on the web. In this article, you are going to learn how to use it.

How to Register for Microsoft Designer

The platform is currently in Preview. But you can register with a Microsoft Account. Click on the provided link and register.

Creating Your First Design

An interface with an intuitive design will be provided to you.

Microsoft Designer Screenshot

This is the part where you start creating your design. You can define the design you want to create and get inspired by the examples you might want to try.

A blog post cover for a blog post named “Microsoft Designer Dall-e Powered Designer”

On the right side of the screen, you will find a variety of design options created by AI. You need different sizes for different platforms. You can resize it by clicking the “Size” button.

Mircosoft Designer Screenshot

You can add images from your device as well as create images using DALL-E 2.5. You can easily achieve this by clicking the “Create image” button.

Microsoft Desinger Screenshot

You can select one of the three options to use in your design by pressing the “Select” button.

Microsoft Desinger Screenshot

Now that your design has been redesigned, you can hit “Explore more prompts” to see more.

Choose the design you like. After that, you will have two options: “Download” and “Customize Design”.

Customizing Desing

Now that you’re done with the outline of your design, You can now add text, shapes, more photos, and videos, and use existing templates to customize them.

When you click Customize design, you will see something like this:

Microsoft Designer Screenshot

On the right side of the screen, you can see other ideas generated by artificial intelligence.

If you want, you can use these ideas or customize them with five different tabs on the left side of the screen.


In this section, there are templates you may want to use; click on them to use them.

Microsoft Designer Screenshot

My media

You can upload files from your device, phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Photos. You can also use photos you previously created with AI.

Microsoft Designer Screenshot


From here, you can add stock images, graphics, and videos. You can also create new images in this section. A great place to customize your design

Microsoft Designer Screenshot


You can add different types of text and change fonts. It is very useful for transferring content to users.

Microsoft Designer Screenshot

Brand kit

Not everyone’s eyesight is for everyone. And we may find it difficult to match colors. That’s why you should use kits. They provide stock fonts, background colors, and foreground color styles. You can also use photos you previously created with AI.

Microsoft Designer Screenshot


You can easily change the location, color, or position of an item by clicking on it.

You can resize and apply effects. You can also change the size, font, and style of the text.

You can add pages, create a new design, or download your design.

If you want to switch between projects, use the button on the top left where the name of your project is written.

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