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Mathematical Reasoning With AI
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Mathematical Reasoning With AI

Last Updated on July 26, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Teemu Maatta

Originally published on Towards AI.

New neural theorem proving techniques lead towards AGI.

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Photo by Louis Vanleer on Unsplash


Mathematics is a challenge to AI research due to (a) infinite action space & (b) lack of self-play.

Yet, the AGI implies the ability for mathematical reasoning.

Lean, Metamath, and Equations are environments used for proving formal mathematical theorems.

Such tools offer high-level tactics to apply to the problem. The algorithm solves theorems by generating a set of tactics without human interaction.

Let’s review three techniques for automated neural theorem proving:

Expert iteration applied with GPT-fHyperTree Proof Search with online training (Evariste)Chain of thought-prompting applied with the PaLM model

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Published via Towards AI

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