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Have We Learned our Lessons from Italy and South Korea?
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Have We Learned our Lessons from Italy and South Korea?

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Bindhu Balu

Originally published on Towards AI.


Tracking India’s Coronavirus Spread[WIP]

Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks U+007C Using data from multiple data sources

Python Code and Data Source Location:


Contribute to BindhuVinodh/Covid-19-India development by creating an account on GitHub.

On 16 March, India confirmed 116 COVID 19 cases with the state of Maharashtra having the maximum number of cases. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in the country, the question that we as Indians are trying to answer is: whether India will be able to tackle its menace, or are we going to witness another Italy or S.Korea?

# Part 1: Analysing the present condition in India

The first **COVID-19** case was reported on on 30 January in a student who arrived in **Kerala** state from Wuhan. Then two more cases were reported in the next two days in Kerala again. For almost a month, no new cases were reported in India, however, on 8 March, five new cases of coronavirus in Kerala were still reported, and since then, the facts have been rising affecting **14** states, till now. Here is a brief timeline of the evidence in India

1.1 Distribution of Cases in India:

1.2 State/Union Territories a wise number of Covid-19 cases

Total Active Cases

1.3 National vs. Foreign cases

1.4 Visualising the spread geographically:

1.5 Confirmed vs. Recovered figures

1.6 How the Coronavirus cases are rising?

Part B: Is the trend similar to Italy and S.Korea?

India has already crossed 100 cases. It is essential to containing the situation in the coming week. The number of coronavirus patients starting doubling after these countries hit the 100 marks and almost starting increasing exponentially. In case you want to understand what is exponential growth and how cases see an abrupt increase, here is an excellent video by 3Blue1Brown:

2.1 Cumulative cases in India, Italy, and S.Korea

2.2 Comparison between the rise of cases in S.Korea, Italy, and India

2.3 Trend after surpassing 100 cases

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Published via Towards AI

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