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Can ChatGPT Solve Mensa Puzzles?
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Can ChatGPT Solve Mensa Puzzles?

Author(s): Jim the AI Whisperer

Originally published on Towards AI.

Daily Challenges: AI vs. Mensa Calendar Puzzles

The elephant in the room with AI is: what even is “intelligence”? I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Turing Test, which LLMs have pretty much flown through with flying colours. But Artificial General Intelligence — the transformative moment when we reach an artificial neural-netstructure that can equal human abilities in applying intelligence flexibly across a spectrum of tasks — is considered impossible by some. Allegedly, a new model called Q* might be that breakthrough, and it’s rumored this was behind Sam Altman’s epic falling out with the OpenAI board last year.

Does the tumultuous tale of Sam Altman’s recent reinstatement reveal major milestone in reaching the technological…

The Q* fiasco revolved around the concept of achieving Machine Learning that can truly understand, by using reinforcement that is self-driven and intentional. The Q-function (which is maths rather than language-based) would help AI agents to shape their own learning by making their own optimal decisions based on the rewards they can expect in a given state.

Jim the AI Whisperer (2024)

So, we’re talking about student-led learning. That’s right: Artificial General Intelligence is coming, and it’s homeschooled. Who knew, Sam Altman was secretly such a crunchy Mom? All joking aside; the inevitability of General Intelligence… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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