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5 Different Ways to Build ML Models!
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5 Different Ways to Build ML Models!

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Deepak Sekar

Originally published on Towards AI.

We have come across data science platforms and ML offerings targeted for expert audiences who have Python/ R/ Matlab..etc skills and who understand algorithms/ kernels..etc.

But, what if people who understand data very well but do not have expert skills also need to explore the AI/ ML world?

5 ways to build ML models in the Oracle World are

In this article, we see how to build a binary classification model in 3 different ways using the same data source. Based on the interest (medium claps) I will then extend this article to include the other 2 ways

Data Source — Oracle Autonomous Database

Binary Classification ML Model using:

  1. Using SQL/ PLSQL in the Oracle Database (Build in the database and execute in the database — move the code and not the data)
  2. Using Oracle Analytics Cloud (Build where data is being analyzed and visualized — BI/ Viz)
  3. Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science (Build in a dedicated Data Science Environment)

Using Apache Zeppelin notebooks using SQL/ PLSQL in the Oracle Autonomous Database

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science

I have covered this in the below article

Three things that matter in Data Science — What? How? Why?

In my previous article…


Welcome to the world of data science done right!

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The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of Oracle. Contact Deepak Sekar

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Published via Towards AI

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