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3 Reasons to Learn AI Risk Management in 2024
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3 Reasons to Learn AI Risk Management in 2024

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Taimur Ijlal

Originally published on Towards AI.

AI Risk Management is the future… Why you should learn it ASAP

You might have heard about this pesky thing called AI in 2023. If you have already gotten sick to the core of hearing about it .. then I have bad news

2024 is going to be even more AI-centric

You have two choices .. pretend AI does not exist OR use it to your advantage and make a career around it

AI is impacting EVERY sector and industry and companies want to manage the risks around it

From the NIST AI Risk Management Framework to the upcoming EU AI regulation .. standards are coming out to regulate this monster

Not to mention the recent Executive Order from the U.S. Government to “advance the safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)”

AI Risk Management is going to be a MASSIVE industry going forward and the demand for AI Risk and Governance skills will be sky-high

Here are 3 reasons you need to start learning AI Risk Management today.

From healthcare to law enforcement, AI is increasingly being used in highly sensitive industries for decision-making

It can help with patient diagnosis for finding rare diseases OR help with crime pattern analysis

It also means that the impacts of AI decision-making are massive, directly affecting individuals and communities

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Published via Towards AI

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