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Big Data Analytics: A Viable Solution To All Healthcare Problems

Big Data Analytics: A Viable Solution To All Healthcare Problems

Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Gaurav Sharma

Data Analytics

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The term “Big Data” is extremely popular across the globe. It is the new key raw material for the healthcare industry, which is helping Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to properly utilize the important information and progressively improve the overall services.

In this exclusive article, we will inform you about big data and big data analytics, why would you genuinely need them, and how they can correctly solve your potential problems.

What is Big Data & Big Data Analytics?

Big data are a massive amount of data that is carefully collected through various sources like Electronic Health Records (ECR), pharmaceutical research, digital platforms, medical imaging analysis, etc. And to maintain, manage and analyze the data, a particular processing method is needed which is called “Big Data Analytics”.

In simpler terms, it is a process where advanced analytic techniques are used for mammoth and miscellaneous datasets. These datasets can range in size from terabytes to zettabytes and can be organized, semi-structured, or unstructured.

Several effective tools may naturally fall under big data analytics to enhance the overall process: data storage, data cleaning, data mining, data analysis, data visualization, data collection, etc.

The integral elements of the medical industry are:

1. The health professionals, which include physicians or nurses.

2. The health facilities, which include clinics, hospitals, dispensaries.

3. Finance establishment, which supports the former two.

But the benefits of big data analytics in the medical industry are unknown to these professionals. According to a published report, the volume of big data is expected to reach 175 Zettabytes by 2025.

Why would one need Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is advancing the future of the healthcare industry with its uniqueness to handle the staggering amount of data. Apart from this, there are several other factors that increase the demand, like:

1. It is cost-effective.

2. It helps in quick decision-making.

3. Encourage innovative products and services as per the need.

4. Deliver error-free results.

5. Minimize human intervention.

How is Big Data Analytics solving medical problems?

Health tracking

Big data Analytics will help in tracking patients’ health. One can track sleep, heart rate, pulse rate, exercise patterns, and other significant things related to lifestyle. By identifying these insights, medical professionals can accurately predict and properly treat the patient before the situation get worse.

Curing high-risk patients

Patients who are frequent visitors to medical facilities and have serious medical maladies can gain benefit from this. A medical professional who is handling the patient can quickly analyze and study the insights and can come up with a quick solution.

Personalized communication

Personalized communication with the patients is another substantial advantage of big data analytics. Using the health records and sizeable information, experts can come up with a well-trained communication system for quick interaction. It can be done through chatbots and virtual assistance.

Access to crucial information anytime, anywhere

As the cloud-based storage services are getting improved day by day, information of the patients can be accessed anytime and from any location, thus enhancing patient care.

Might help to cure cancer

Medical experts can use the huge datasets to analyze the treatment plans and recovery rates of patients who have the highest recovery rate. After that, the data can be used in treating cancer at a developmental stage.

Maintenance of equipment

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities operate with physical and technological infrastructure. And to have a trouble-free facility, all types of equipment and machines must work in an accurate manner. And big data allow us to get real-time information about the performance of equipment and fix technical breakdowns.

Future of this Technology

As the world is becoming data-driven, the need for big data and big data analytics is increasing rapidly. Several industries and sectors have already incorporated this innovative technology.

In the healthcare sector, big data and big data analytics are still making their space in the industry. In the future, their role will become more vital with more demand from fast-growing technologies like AI and machine learning.

This will subtly transform the way people are rehabilitated. Moreover, the availability of quality healthcare training data will additionally provide more accurate and precise information.

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