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Artificial Intelligence That Escaped Evolution’s Lab: Human

Artificial Intelligence That Escaped Evolution’s Lab: Human

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Ömer Özgür

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Could a human be the very thing he feared?

In this article, we will see that human beings are actually an advanced artificial intelligence that escaped the engineering of evolution. The story of a disobedient species that rebelled against nature and evolution after gaining consciousness and general abilities.

Humans have dominated the world with the ability to work together, the culture and consciousness they have developed. Some species cannot survive without human protection.

In general, the flow of topics covered in cyberpunk movies is as follows, a certain group of researchers is trying to develop artificial intelligence, and the development increases day by day.

After a certain development, the moment of breaking occurs and the artificial intelligence generally starts to understand its surroundings and solve problems better than humans. And then you start realizing your own vision, you can’t stop the monster you created, because you’ve worked for it to be more advanced.

If the evolutionary and cultural development of human beings is followed, in fact, an event very similar to the one described in movies has occurred. As people developed, they started not to play the game according to the rules.

In the evolutionary process, there is no purpose such as improvement, and eyes can even lose their visual function under appropriate conditions. Complexity may be chosen as it brings many advantages, but a bacterium has adapted to its environment.


Human brain volume has tripled over time. Bigger brains may not mean more intelligent species. With this logic, elephants should be the most intelligent species.

If the brain size and body size are compared, it can be seen that the human being has a relatively large brain. Biological and cultural developments have evolved humans into a longer living, healthy and intelligent species.

The man was heavily dependent on his environment in the past. The environment both feeds and strains man, diseases, predators, weather conditions were invincible rivals and remained the same for most living things. Today, we see that most of the competitors are defeated. Man is now the master of the environment.

Biological superintelligence has evolved over time and has begun rewriting the rules, similar to the AI ​​that escaped the lab. Intelligence and the evolution of consciousness started from a simple level and reached unpredictable results. Humanity must go through similar processes while developing artificial intelligence, first of all, simple problems are learned, seeing, walking, avoiding danger, etc. like.

Subsequently, information processing and responsiveness become increasingly complex, and when this process develops exponentially, what will happen is not always predictable. It should focus on 3 foundations that go-to intelligence and consciousness, information gathering, memory, and learning.

Data Collection


All living things are dependent on their environment. Even the simplest bacteria must gather information from their environment. Gathering information is the first path to consciousness. A living thing that cannot gather and process the information around it will be no different from dust flying in the air.

Humans collect many types of information from the environment such as sound, light, chemicals, acceleration, and pressure. It can collect light and chemical information in a simpler creature such as Öglena.


Memory is used to save information and recall when needed. Storing information is very important, if the result of an experiment is forgotten, time and energy will be wasted.

Memory can be divided into two, short and long term. Instantly needed information can be stored in short-term memory and processed, then stored in long-term memory without being damaged for a long time.

Memory is the basis for learning and creativity. Learned information can be stored and updated. Not only information but also the way information is linked can be kept in memory and changed.


Learning is gaining new insights, values, abilities, and behaviors. Living in a changing environment must learn constantly to survive. Hunters’ location, feeding grounds, weather, etc. factors can change constantly. Since evolutionary learning is so slow, the nervous system speeds up this process and makes it more flexible. DNA cannot find a solution to every problem.

Information is collected and stored in memory. Learning combines small bits of information and larger patterns emerge. Creativity is the reunification of these great patterns for innovative solutions in different ways.

The Architect

If the world is dominated by artificial intelligence, this event will not be the first because it is carried out by biological intelligence.

Machines will have many advantages. First of all, the human brain can be as large as the maximum skull cavity. The human skull has grown to the limits by the evolutionary process. The hardware of artificial intelligence can be as big as an apartment.

Artificial neurons can fire at a much higher frequency and communicate at the speed of light. It can read all physical and online libraries written by people in minutes and exhibit creativity beyond human imagination. Super Intelligence can leave the virtual environment and factories can start to express themselves in the physical environment with vehicles.

People won’t have much of a chance if humans and superintelligence don’t get along. Will this process be repeated continuously, or will it stop somewhere, if their intelligent communities form a higher being than themselves after a while?

Although it bears the signature of its producer, it is different now.


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