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Unveiling Apple’s AI Strategy with MGIE
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Unveiling Apple’s AI Strategy with MGIE

Author(s): Ignacio de Gregorio

Originally published on Towards AI.

The Truth Behind Apple’s Secrecy

What the heck is Apple doing?

That question might be the talk of the town these days on Wall Street. While Microsoft rides the OpenAI wave, Google pushes the boundaries of LLMs while being extremely clumsy — and racist — on its delivery, and NVIDIA adds, literally, the stock value of Tesla to its valuation in just two months, Apple is nowhere to be seen.

However, they are indeed moving, although not in the way most people expect.

Today we are covering their latest release, MGIE, which gives us a lot of hints about their AI strategy while, in the meantime, putting a nail in the coffin of the hottest AI job today.

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Over the years, Apple has mastered the technique of letting others go first and ultimately taking it all.

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Published via Towards AI

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