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Top Restaurant Finder Nearby
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Top Restaurant Finder Nearby

Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Chittal Patel

Originally published on Towards AI.

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash


In this project, I created a Basic Data Science Project namely Top Restaurant Finder which will give the top Restaurants near your address. I did explore the venues based on their Ratings and Distances. Whenever a person wants to find a Particular Restaurant in the vicinity of his current address or any address then, this model will recommend the Best Restaurants nearby on Map with their ratings. Thus, My aim here was to fetch restaurants that someone could visit nearby.

I got venues that were fit for the location specified, based on the data collected from the Foursquare API and information retrieved from the Data Science application.

Data Used

The data was collected from the Foursquare API. The first step was to search for venues with given Query, Location and within a radius specified by the User from his given location. After extracting the venues using the Foursquare API, the latitude and longitude values were used to fetch the venue details using Foursquare API.

After fetching the venue details, again Foursquare API was used to fetch the details of all the venues and then after adding the relevant information and process the Data, The Best and Top 6 Restaurants nearby were recommended.

Summarizing the Data Used:

1. Latitudes and Longitudes from Geolocator.

2. Search Query Data like Restaurant Name, Address, Latitude, Longitude, etc. (JSON) from Foursquare

3. Data Of Every Venue nearby like Restaurant Category, Ratings, Reviews, Tips, etc. (JSON) from Foursquare

4. Data Wrangling and taking required Data


The aim is to recommend the Top restaurants nearby so firstly we need Data.

1. The user will enter his current address/location, the radius of the vicinity in which he wants to search the restaurants and the type of cuisine.

2. Geolocator will fetch the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of the Address

3. We will search all the Restaurants with given cuisine using Foursquare API and get the results converted into the Dataframe so that we can analyze them.

4. We will plot all the Locations with Markers describing their name, distance from user and category of restaurant.

5. Now Taking every venue, We will fetch its details using Foursquare API and get the data that is relevant and useful to us.

6. And finally using this data we will map the locations and provide it to the user.


· The above Map is the result of our project.

· Firstly we showed the user all the nearby restaurants on the Map this was our first result.

· Then we converted those data and filtered it to The Top restaurants nearby

· Finally plotted all the restaurant which were top-rated on the Map

Thus, The User got The Best Restaurants near his current location on the Map.


· So we observed that the data can be framed to recommend the user based on criteria.

· From the result above We Can Recommend The Markers on The Final Map as The Top Restaurants Nearby


· Thus, I can say that it is a basic recommender which can be used to Recommend a restaurant to a User based on distance and ratings of the nearby Restaurants.

You can find my completed project on GitHub.

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Published via Towards AI

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