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Top Resources to Master RAG: From Basic Level to Advanced
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Top Resources to Master RAG: From Basic Level to Advanced

Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Youssef Hosni

Originally published on Towards AI.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) stands at the forefront of natural language processing, blending retrieval, and generative models to produce contextually relevant text. Understanding its significance and learning its intricacies are crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of AI.

This article serves as a comprehensive resource, offering a structured journey from RAG fundamentals to advanced techniques. It begins by elucidating the essence of RAG, highlighting its applications and importance in various domains.

Subsequently, it delves into mastering LangChain, exploring query construction and SQL interactions. Advanced RAG concepts are then unveiled, covering self-querying retrieval, hybrid search strategies, and more. Evaluating RAG systems becomes seamless with insights into metrics and techniques provided. Additionally, the article introduces the role of Large Language Model (LLM) agents in bolstering RAG applications.

By offering an array of learning resources and practical insights, this article equips readers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in harnessing RAG’s potential in AI applications. Whether novice or expert, this guide propels individuals towards becoming adept RAG practitioners, shaping the future of natural language understanding and generation.

Retrieval Augmented Generation BasicsWhat Is Retrieval-Augmented Generation, aka RAG?RAG Applications with Llama-IndexBuilding RAG Applications with LangChainLangChain — OpenAI’s RAG

2. Mastering LangChain

Basics of LangChainLangChain — Query ConstructionLangChain — SQL

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Published via Towards AI

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