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My Streamlit Love-Affair: Laser-Like GPT-4 Prompting For Interactive Data Visuals
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My Streamlit Love-Affair: Laser-Like GPT-4 Prompting For Interactive Data Visuals

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): John Loewen, PhD

Originally published on Towards AI.

Clean prompts for error-free Python data visualization code
Dall-E 2 image: impressionist painting of a combination of data visuals, including maps and charts

How easy is it to create data visuals with GPT-4 and the Python Streamlit library?

Way easier than I expected. Super easy.

A little bit of up-front legwork with a good dataset and we can peel off chart after chart (even maps), giving us a kaleidoscope of views and stories for our data set.

What kind of charts and maps? We can prompt GPT-4 for:

Time-series analysisComparative analysisDistribution analysisHigh-low range analysisInteractive global choropleth map

Let me take you through the steps needed to do this — with a minimal amount of muss or fuss.

Personally, I like to do all of my chart generation using publicly accessible global development data.

For this example, let’s use the UNESCO global democracy index dataset that can be downloaded HERE.

Once we have a CSV file from the UNESCO site in our hands, we can upload this file to GPT-4 and prompt away:

Prompting GPt-4 to give us a description of the field in the Global Democracy Index dataset

Response from GPT-4:

The dataset includes the following columns:

Entity: The name of the country or region.Code: The country code (3-letter ISO code, very useful for mapping)Year: The year of the record.Electoral democracy… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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