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Introduction to Assistants API for Javascript Developers
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Introduction to Assistants API for Javascript Developers

Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Sandy Ludosky

Originally published on Towards AI.

An easy-to-follow walkthrough demonstrating how to get started with Assistants API and Tools

If you are new to Assistants API? You are in the right place.

With an Assistant, users can leverage language models capabilities to create a tailored and enhanced user experience.

This tutorial illustrates the steps for integrating Assistants API and connecting to OpenAI-hosted tools. In this example, we use the Code Interpreter tool to execute a Python sandboxed environment and manage files.

The Assistants API includes the following Objects:

Assistant: a purpose-built AI that connects to the OpenAI’s models and calls the enabled tools;Thread: this is the session that stores the messages between the user and the Assistant;Message: added and stored into the Thread. (Note: Image files are currently not supported);Run the Assistant within the Thread to trigger responses and call tools when necessary.image credit: do you need?A code editorThe NodeJS LibrarySet and OpenAI API Key ( to authorize API calls

2. Setting up the development environment

npm install openai dotenv readline-syncopenai: python library to integrate OpenAI’s APIsdotenv: to set and load environment variablesreadline-sync: Node.js library that allows you to read input from the command line

For the full development environment setup instructions, follow this link README.

3. The steps :

A typical Assistant API integration has the following flow :

* Step 1: we start by creating an… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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