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How to Enhance Your Prompting Skills
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How to Enhance Your Prompting Skills

Author(s): Jelle Van Bost

Originally published on Towards AI.

Simple Strategies to Become a More Effective Prompt Engineer
Image generated by the author on Adobe Firefly

Generative AI has captivated me for years now. Generating images from my imagination and getting personalised insights with a simple question is incredible. Since the release of chatGPT, I’ve started using it in my daily life, using it to learn, understand complex ideas, and boost my productivity.

Contrary to what some other people might say, writing the perfect prompt cannot be taught. You won’t be able to write the perfect prompt tomorrow; not everyone will get the info they want the first time you try. However, there are some techniques that you can use to consistently get better results from generative AI tools.

I have seen a lot of articles of medium offering you the secret ingredient for producing the perfect prompt. But the truth is more about a mindset shift than any specific tips or tricks. It requires practice to fully utilize these tools. Think of it like learning PowerPoint: The first few times using PowerPoint your presentations were;t amazing, no matter how many articles you read about PowerPoint. But, after creating dozens of presentations, they became smoother and more impactful. Generative AI works the same way. They are tools you need to learn,… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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