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How To Change the Text Font in an Image Using Computer Vision Techniques
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How To Change the Text Font in an Image Using Computer Vision Techniques

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Vincent Liu

Originally published on Towards AI.

Make text in the image editable
Source: Photo by Lloyd Newman on Unsplash

Choosing the font when we are working on a digital document is trivial. We can always choose the preferred font in the drop-down font list in the editor. How about changing the font of the text in an image? The text in the image is uneditable and represented by a group of connected pixels. It is where computer vision algorithms come into play. In this article, a computer vision pipeline is introduced, and the methods covered in the pipeline are below.

Post estimationImage inpaintingImage blendingPerspective transformationStyle transferFigure 1. Font replacement flowchart. Source: Image by author

Above is the flow chart of the pipeline, which can be briefly divided into two steps: 1. Remove the original text from the image2. Add the new text in the preferred font to the image

Let’s break it down and go through each part one by one in the following sections.

Step 1: Image Inpainting

Figure 2. Remove the text using image inpainting. Image by author. Source: Image by author

Firstly, we want to remove the original text from the image while preserving the background information. We choose a proper area without any text so the newly generated patch is free of text and only… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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