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How AI is Paving the Way for a New Middle-Class
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How AI is Paving the Way for a New Middle-Class

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Cezary Gesikowski

Originally published on Towards AI.

The vision of AI empowering, not replacing, human workers
image by the author via GAI

“The unique opportunity that artificial intelligence [AI] offers to the labour market is to extend the relevance, reach, and value of human expertise.” — David Autor

If you’re tired of alarming headlines about AI’s dangerous advance, there is a narrative that not only challenges dystopian forecasts but also outlines a hopeful future. David Autor, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offers a refreshing perspective on the potential symbiosis between artificial intelligence and the human workforce in his paper: “Applying AI to Rebuild Middle-Class Jobs.” Autor proposes that AI-human partnership can restore the middle-skill, the middle-class heart of the US labour market hollowed out by automation and globalization in recent years.

image by the author via GAI

We humans like to feel in control of our destinies. Like eternal toddlers, we revolt against forces that limit our ability to decide our individual and collective future — even if they are good for us.

Behavioral science, embraced by many commercial and public companies hoping to attract customers and nudge population segments, is always looking over its shoulder at the shadow of its past rooted in propaganda and manipulation. Not to mention its fictionalized narratives involving AI stoking dystopian… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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