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Getting Started with Titanic Kaggle | Part 2
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Getting Started with Titanic Kaggle | Part 2

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by Editorial Team

Author(s): Durgesh Samariya

Originally published on Towards AI.

Let’s develop a model to predict Titanic’s challenge with Kaggle

Source: National Geographic

In the last post, we started working on the Titanic Kaggle competition. If you haven’t read that yet, you can read that here. So in this post, we will develop predictive models using Machine Learning.

If you have followed my last post then, now our data is ready to prepare the model. There are plenty of predictive algorithms out there to try. However, our problem is the classification problem thus I will try the following classification/ regression algorithms.

Support Vector MachineK-Nearest NeighbourLinear SVCDecision TreeRandom Forest

To develop a machine learning model we need to import the Scikit-learn library.

Scikit-Learn is an open… Read the full blog for free on Medium.

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Published via Towards AI

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