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Unlock the Potential of AI for Production!

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Build Scalable AI Solutions with
Our New Book!

‘Building LLMs for Production’ is a roadmap to the future tech stack, offering advanced techniques in Prompt Engineering, Fine-Tuning, and RAG.

We have also released a special paperback version for our community in India you can order it here!

What's Inside?

What Experts Think About The Book

“This is the most comprehensive textbook to date on building LLM applications - all essential topics in an AI Engineer's toolkit."
Jerry Liu
Co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex
“An indispensable guide for anyone venturing into the world of large language models. It’s a must-have in the library of every aspiring and seasoned AI professional.”
Shashank Kalanithi
Data Engineer at Meta
"A truly wonderful resource that develops understanding of LLMs from the ground up, from theory to code and modern frameworks."
Pete Huang
Co-founder of The Neuron
“This book covers everything you need to know to start applying LLMs in a pragmatic way - it balances the right amount of theory and applied knowledge, providing intuitions, use-cases, and code snippets.”
Jeremy Pinto
Senior Applied Research Scientist at Mila
“The book is accessible, with multiple tutorials that you can readily copy, paste, and run on your local machine to showcase the magic of modern AI.”
Rafid Al-Humaimidi Senior
Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Quotes from Towards AI Founders

❛❛ Our team at Towards AI aims to make it possible for anyone to transition into AI. We have published thousands of one-off articles and full online courses, and now we are excited to widen our content range and accessibility further with our first ebook. ❜❜

❛❛ We aim to teach what universities don't. I saw a large gap between the skills learned throughout Undergrad, Master's and PhD and those useful to the industry, especially in startups. My goal is to cover this gap for students and others to get into AI with skills tailored for the industry. ❜❜

Want to Continue Learning?

We have also compiled some advanced resources to help you continue your learning journey!

We Support Your Learning Journey

Our Learn AI Together Discord Community has over 60,000 members. If you have any questions or require help during your AI learning journey, whether as a beginner or an expert in the field, please reach out in one of our many Q&A channels - someone in our community may well be able to help! 

Our AI Tutor will be a valuable resource throughout your learning journey. The AI Tutor can help you learn how to train and fine-tune LLMs from scratch, if you have intermediate Python knowledge, and have access to moderate computing resources (for some cases, just a Google Colab will suffice!).